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James M. Shwayder, MD, JD
Sonohysterography and Sonosalpingography
James M. Shwayder, MD, JD
04/08/2013 | Time : 46 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Title, Outline, Postmenopausal bleeding, Endometrial evaluation, Pipelle endometrial sampling, A comparison of Pipelle device and the Vabra aspirator, Image, A comparison of Pipelle device and the Vabra aspirator, Postmenopausal bleeding, Sonographic image, What is your threshold for further evaluation?, Endometrial thickness, Endometrial thickness and postmenopausal bleeding, ACOG Committee Opinion, How should we investigate women with postmenopausal bleeding?, Postmenopausal bleeding, Sonographic image, Postmenopausal bleeding, Sonographic and CT images, Sonohysterography, Endometrial evaluation, Does age affect the likelihood that the cause of AUB is amenable to a sonographic diagnosis?, Aged-based findings at SIS, Aged-based findings at surgery, 13 y.o with AUB, Sonographic images, 45 y.o. G4P2113, Ultrasound-based triage for perimenopausal patients with abnormal uterine bleeding, Detection of pathology using SIS-EMS, Sonohysterography, Timing, Sonohysterography, Endometrial ablation, Images, Sonographic images, SIS technique, Video clips, Sonographic image, SIS kits, Image, AUB- 2D US, AUB – 2D SIS, Multiple endometrial polyps, Sonohysterography – 2D, 2D SIS polyp, Video clip, Sonohysterography – 3D, Video clip, Sonographic image, SIS – 3D, SIS – 3D rendered image, SIS – 3D, Sonohysterogram: polyp, Video clips, 3D image, Sonohysterography, Sonographic image, Doppler in predicting malignancy in polyps, Sonohysterography, SIS, Endometrial polyp, Sonohysterography, Sonographic images, Sonohysterography, Sonobiopsy, Endometrial evaluation, Sonobiopsy, Image, Sonographic images, Sonobiopsy, Video clip, Sonographic image, Video clips, A comparison of Pipelle device and the Vabra aspirator, Sonographic images, Video clip, Sonobiopsy catheter, Sonosalpingography, Sonohysterography, Tubal patency, HyCoSy vs. HSG vs. LS, Sonosalpingography, Video clips, Sonohysterography, Sonosalpingography, Sonobiopsy, Sonohysterography, Ultrasound compliments hysteroscopy, Sonohysterography, Sonobiopsy, Sonosalpingography, Thank you

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Keywords : abnormal uterine bleeding, arcuate uterus, AUB, CERVIX, color Doppler, DUB, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, endometrial ablation, endometrial biopsy, endometrial lining, endometrial polyp, endometrial thickness, endometrium, HyCoSy, Hydrosalpinx, hysteroscopy, internal os, lower uterine segment, LUS, Pelvic Ultrasound, PMB, postmenopausal bleeding, resistive index, RI, saline infusion sonohysterography, SIS, sonobiopsy, sonohysterography, sonosalpingography, spectral Doppler, submucosal fibroid, sub-septate uterus, transvaginal ultrasound, tubal patency, TVS, uterine fundus, uterine malformation, venetian blind effect

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