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Carl Reading, MD
Thyroid and Parathyroid
Carl Reading, MD
03/29/2010 | Time : 37 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Nodular thyroid disease: clinical perspective #1 – thyroid nodules are very common, Nodular thyroid disease – epidemic by ultrasound, Nodular thyroid disease: clinical perspective #2 – clinically significant thyroid cancer is very rare, Increasing incidence of thyroid cancer in the U.S., Thyroid cancer incidence and mortality, Thyroid cancer perspective, Nodular thyroid disease: clinical perspective #3 – aggressive FNA management of nodules is costly, Goals of nodule evaluation, Thyroid nodule: options for evaluation, Thyroid nodules: sonographic features, Thyroid nodule ultrasound evaluation, “Always” FNA – appearance #1, Papillary carcinoma, Sonographic examples, “Always” FNA – appearance #2 , Papillary vs. medullary carcinoma Sonographic appearance – suggested dictation, Always” FNA – appearance #3, Follicular neoplasm, Sonographic examples, Thyroid nodule – follicular neoplasm, If it looks follicular, why FNA?, Sonographic appearance – suggested dictation, “Never FNA” – appearance #1, Small cystic nodules – benign colloid nodules, Echogenic foci with comet tail artifacts, “Never FNA” – appearance #2, Nodule with sponge-like cystic areas indicates benign non-neoplastic nodules, Benign nodules – echogenic foci with comet tails, Benign echogenic foci vs. malignant microcalcifications Sonographic appearance – suggested dictation, “Never FNA” – appearance #3, Large cystic nodule, Benign non-neoplastic “hyperplastic” nodule, Cystic papillary carcinoma, Predominantly cystic nodule, Sonographic appearance – suggested dictation, “Never FNA” – appearance #4, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Diffuse thyroid disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Hyperechoic sepatations/bands, Sonographic appearance – suggested dictation, Primary hyperparathyroidism (HPT), Parathyroid gland location, Superior parathyroid adenoma, Inferior parathyroid adenoma, Parathyroid adenoma – spectrum of appearances, Parathyroid adenoma – color Doppler Multiple gland enlargement, Parathyroid carcinoma, Ectopic location, Mediastinum anterior/superior, Retrotracheal posterior/superior, Intrathyroid, Carotid sheath, Parathyroid aspiration/biopsy, Accuracy of parathyroid ultrasound, Other imaging methods, Minimally invasive parathyroidectomy (MIP), Pre-MIP imaging, Thyroid and parathyroid

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Keywords : benign thyroid nodule, capsular invasion, carotid sheath parathyroid gland, CCA, colloid cyst, colloid nodule, comet tail artifact, common carotid artery, cystic papillary carcinoma, cystic thyroid nodule, diffuse thyroid disease, fine needle aspiration, FNA, follicular neoplasm, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, high resolution ultrasound, HPT, hyperplastic thyroid nodule, hypoparathyroidism, IJV, inferior parathyroid adenoma, inferior parathyroid gland, inferior thyroid artery, internal jugular vein, intrathyroid parathyroid gland, lipoadenoma, malignant microcalcification, malignant thyroid nodule, mediastinal parathyroid gland, medullary carcinoma, micronodulation, minimally invasive parathyroidetomy, MIP, nodular thyroid disease, papillary carcinoma, parathyroid adenoma, parathyroid aspiration, parathyroid biopsy, parathyroid carcinoma, primary hyperparathyroidism, psammoma body, retrotracheal parathyroid gland, scintigraphy, solid thyroid nodule, superior parathyroid adenoma, superior parathyroid gland, superior thyroid artery, thyroglobulin, thyroid bands, thyroid biopsy, thyroid cancer, thyroid carcinoma, thyroid cyst with internal debris, thyroid nodule, thyroid septations, vagus nerve

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