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Tom Stavros, MD, FACR
Ultrasound Evaluation of Regional Lymph Nodes as an Extension of the Breast Ultrasound Exam
Tom Stavros, MD, FACR
06/14/2010 | Time : 54 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Birads 4 & 5, Sonographic evaluation of axillary lymph nodes, Normal sonographic lymph node appearance, Lymph flow, Range of normal sonographic lymph node appearance, Mets implants, “Mickey Mouse” focal cortical bulge, “Rate bite” indentation, ?Tumor distended lymphatic channels, ?Tumor distended subQ lymphatic, Abnormal lymph nodes: foreign bodies vs. tumor, Abnormal appearing lymph nodes: distinguishing benign from malignant, Harmonics makes lymph node cortex, Abnormal sonographic lymph node – asymmetric cortex, Calcifications in lymph node – suspicious, Malignant lymph node – 1st tiebreaker, What if the adjacent node is abnormal as well?, Lymph node distribution – 2nd tiebreaker, Histology of lymph node mets – 3rd tiebreaker, Spectral waveforms of lymph node met – 4th tiebreaker, Lymph node mets usually have high RI, Color Doppler of lymph node mets, Abnormal lymph node, Ultrasound evaluation of axillary lymph nodes, Ultrasound guided core biopsy (or FNA), Is FNA adequate?, Perinodal invasion, Other signs of perinodal invasion – indirect signs, Core biopsy of sentinel node, Ultrasound guidance for sentinel node procedures, Cited literature, Ultrasound guided injection of radionuclide, Ultrasound guided needle localization of sentinel node, Ultrasound guided NLOC, Ultrasound guidance for sentinel node procedure, Lymph node groups of interest, Pectoralis minor defines axillary lymph node levels, All 3 levels of axillary nodes involved, Axillary lymph node levels, Change in position, Rotter nodes, Always look one level higher, Internal mammary lymph node, Breast cancer mets to internal mammary lymph node, Isolated internal mammary adenopathy, Post mastectomy, Recurrent carcinoma, Summary of sonographic evaluation of lymph nodes, Lymph node futures, Sonazoid, Lymphatic channels, Progressive enhancement of sentinel node, Large sentinel node with mets, Focal lack of filling, Lymph node futures – shear wave elastography, Summary of lymph node futures

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Keywords : adenopathy, afferent lymphatic vessels, antiradial view, asymmetric lymph node cortex, axillary lymph node, breast cancer, breast ultrasound, color Doppler, Combidex, Cooper’s ligament, core biopsy of lymph node, cortical bulge, efferent lymphatic channels, fine needle aspiration of lymph node, harmonics imaging, hilar artery, hilar vein, internal mammary lymph node, intramammary lymph node, LN, lymph node calcification, lymph node cortex, lymph node mediastinum, lymph node microcalcifications, lymph node sinusoid, lymph node, lymphatic channels, malignant lymph node, metastatic breast cancer, metastatic lymph node, pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, perinodal invasion, radial view, rat bite indentation, resistive index, RI, Rotter Nodes, sentinel lymph node, shear wave elastography, sonazoid, sonomammography, spectral Doppler, supraclavicular lymph node, ultrasound contrast agents

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