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Michael Hill, MB
Ultrasound Guided Abdominal Biopsies: Lessons Learned
Michael Hill, MB
01/11/2015 | Time : 41 min
About This Lecture:

The speaker discusses his methodology for ultrasound guided biopsies in the abdomen. List the advantages of ultrasound guided biopsies in comparison to CT guided biopsies. Discuss the advantages of using a coaxial needle. Discuss patient preparation for ultrasound-guided abdominal biopsies.

Topics mentioned in this video : Title, Patients coagulation status, US guided biopsy: US v CT, Fine needle aspiration, Core biopsy needle, Automated biopsy gun, Automated biopsy needle, Advantage of coaxial needle, Patient preparation, US biopsy procedure, Visualization of US needle tip, Local anesthesia, Liver biopsy: parenchyma or mass, Liver biopsy: parenchyma, Liver biopsy: mass, Liver biopsy: metastatic breast cancer, Liver biopsy: lymphoma, Liver biopsy: ascites, Liver biopsy: HCC, Liver biopsy: complications, Complication: hemorrhage, Pancreatic biopsy, Pancreatic biopsy, Pancreatic head biopsy, Pancreatic tail biopsy, Pancreatic biopsy: US v CT, Splenic biopsy, Splenic biopsy: lymphoma, Splenic biopsy: melanoma, Complication: hemorrhage, Renal biopsy: parenchymal, Renal biopsy: hemorrhage, Renal mass biopsy: indications, Renal biopsy: mass, US renal biopsy: mass, Plan US renal biopsy: mass, Adrenal biopsy, Retroperitoneal biopsy, Retroperitoneal biopsy: mixed mesenchymal sarcoma, Retroperitoneal biopsy complications: pseudocyst, Peritoneal/mesenteric biopsies, Intraperitoneal carcinomatosis: core biopsy, Intraperitoneal lymphomatosis: FNA, Pelvic biopsy, Left external iliac node biopsy: lymphoma, Transrectal/transvaginal biopsy, Post biopsy patient care, Biopsies: minor complications, Biopsies: major complications, US guided biopies

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