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Deborah Rubens, MD
Ultrasound Scanning for Deep Venous Thrombosis
Deborah Rubens, MD
07/02/2011 | Time : 37 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Objectives, Venous thromboembolism (VTE), Cancer patients, Clinical importance of DVT, Which lower leg vessels may harbor “deep vein thrombosis”, Normal anatomy, Calf veins, Posterior tibial veins, Muscular calf veins are also deep veins, Normal variants, Duplicated femoral vein with thrombus in one, Triplicated femoral vein, LEDVT compression technique, CFV normal compression, LEDVT compression technique, Compression ultrasound, Making the diagnosis, Anechoic acute thrombus DVT or SVT?, Color Doppler technique, Color flow in non-compressible patient with contractures, Leg swelling post gastrectomy, Show proximal extent, Normal or abnormal?, Color Doppler technique pitfalls, Color technique: pitfalls, Color Doppler pitfalls, Grayscale and color pitfall, Small thrombus, Ultrasound spectral Doppler, Normal CFV spectral waveforms, Bilateral monophasic CFVs, Unilateral monophasic waveforms, Bilateral spectral abnormalities, Unilateral monophasic CFV , Significance of monophasic Upper extremity DVT, UEDVT: same as LEDVT?, UEDVT – is it the dame as LEDVT?, What is the clinical presentation?, US diagnosis of UEDVT, Accuracy of UEDVT, Normal anatomy, Normal UEDVT compression examination, Subclavian vein thrombus, Normal Doppler, DVT?, UE PICC line DVT?, LUE swelling PICC line clot?, Main US diagnostic pitfalls, DVT pitfalls, DVT?, DVT color Doppler pitfalls DVT or SVT?, Post op thigh sarcoma, Post op sarcoma, US pitfalls: chronic DVT, Chronic DVT: webs and wall thickening, Chronic clot, Always image where it hurts, Role of serial US, Conclusion, Thank you

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