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Levon N. Nazarian, MD
Ultrasound - Guided Musculoskeletal Interventions
Levon N. Nazarian, MD
05/18/2009 | Time : 45 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Overview of musculoskeletal ultrasound interventions Procedure details Biopsy of superficial masses Diagnostic aspiration of fluid collections Muscular hematoma Calcaneal osteomyelitis Pre and infrapatellar bursitis Pyomyositis Hematoma, Joint aspiration Aspiration of shoulder effusion Aspiration of shoulder ganglion cyst Rheumatoid arthritis Septic hip effusion Hip aspiration in osteoarthritis Foot ganglion cyst Anterior cruciate ligament ganglion cyst Posterior cruciate ligament ganglion cyst Baker’s cyst aspiration Lateral knee effusion Therapeutic injection Subdeltoid bursa injection Biceps tenosynovitis Biceps tendon sheath injection Tenosynovitis Peroneal sheath injection Peroneal tenosynovitis Baker’s cyst with pannus, Hip labral cyst injection Hip injection Hip injection in osteoarthritis Posterior tibial tendon tenosynovitis Morton’s neuroma injection Rotator cuff calcifications Calcific tendinosis of supraspinatus Athroscopic removal of calcifications Tendinosis Percutaneous needle tenotomy Removal of enthesophyte at lateral epicondyle of elbow, External oblique tendinosis Other ultrasound-guided treatment alternatives Ultrasound-guided nerve blocks Femoral nerve block Plantar fasciitis Partial plantar fasciotomy Tibial nerve block

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Keywords : biceps tenosynovitis, rotator cuff calcifications, shoulder effusion, ACL ganglion cyst, anterior cruciate ligament ganglion cyst, aspiration of fluid collection, Baker’s cyst aspiration, Baker’s cyst with pannus, biceps tendon sheath injection, bursa injection, calcaneal osteomyelitis, calcific tendinosis, culture and sensitivity, dextrose injection, dry tap, enthesophyte, femoral nerve block, foot ganglion cyst, growth factor injection, hip injection, infrapatellar bursitis, joint aspiration, lateral knee effusion, Morton’s neuroma, muscular hematoma, musuloskeletal ultrasound, nerve block, nerve blockade, osteoarthritis, partial plantar fasciotomy, PCL ganglion cyst, percutaneous needle tenotomy, peroneal tenosynovitis, peroneal sheath injection, plantar fasciitis, PNT, posterior cruciate ligament ganglion cyst, posterior tibial tendon tenosynovitis, prepatellar bursitis, pyomyositis, rheumatoid arthritis, sclerosis of neovessels, septic hip effusion, shock wave therapy, shoulder ganglion cyst, stem cell injection, Tenosynovitis, tibial nerve block, whole blood injection

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