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Nitin Chaubal, MD
Upper Limb Arterial Doppler
Nitin Chaubal, MD
01/18/2015 | Time : 37 min
About This Lecture:

The speaker discusses anatomy and pathology of the upper extremity arterial system. Discuss why upper extremity ischemia is so unusual. Discuss the sonographic technique for imaging the digital artery. Discuss the differences between a complete and partial subclavian steal. List the etiologic factors in thoracic outlet syndrome.

Topics mentioned in this video : Introduction, Upper arm arterial Doppler, What is so unusual about it?, Sonographic image, What is so unusual about it?, The upper limb arteries, Technique: vertebral and subclavian artery, Technique: axillary and brachial artery, Technique: radial and ulnar artery, Technique: digital artery, Brachiocephalic trunk ectasia, Understanding Raynaud’s syndrome, Differentiating, Approach to upper limb, Subclavian steal, Sonographic images, Subclavian artery thrombosis, Thoracic outlet compression syndrome, Etiologic factors in TOCS, Symptomology in TOCS, Adson’s test, Neck titling test, Costoclavicular compression test, TOCS, Upper limb – Lang’s maneuver, Aortoarteritis, Aortoarteritis: diagnostic criteria, Aortoarteritis, Results: involvement of vessels, Involvement of multiple arteries, Axillary artery thrombosis, Brachial artery thrombosis, Distal brachial artery occlusion, Occlusion of brachial and forearm arteries, Occlusion of foreman arteries, Complete occlusion of distal ulnar artery and digital artery of little finger, Small artery pathology, Small artery, Occlusion – mid and distal digital artery, Cold stimulation test for Raynaud’s syndrome, Normal cold stimulation test, Positive cold stimulation test, SLE, Sonographic image, Color Doppler findings, Embolus, Sonographic image, Digital artery embolism, Upper extremity ischemia: conclusion, Traumatic brachial artery occlusion, Industrial trauma, Agricultural trauma, Traumatic AV fistula, Traumatic AV fistula in fingers, Traumatic AV fistula in palm, Traumatic aneurysm of radial artery, Electrocution, 8 day old baby with discoloration & edema- iatrogenic vascular insult, Sonographic image, Soft thrombus distal radial artery, Compartment syndrome, Palmar arch patency – Allen test, Palmar arch patency, Conclusion, Thank you

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Keywords : Adson’s test, Allen test, aortoarteritis, axillary artery, brachial artery, brachiocephalic trunk ectasia, common carotid artery, compartment syndrome, complete subclavian steal, costoclavicular compression test, deep palmar arch, digital artery, innominate artery, Lang’s maneuver, lateral thoracic artery, neck titling test, partial subclavian steal, radial artery, radial collateral artery, Raynaud’s syndrome, subclavian artery thrombosis, subclavian artery, subclavian steal, sunscapular artery, superficial palmar arch, thoracic outlet compression syndrome, thoraco-acromial artery, thyrocervical trunk, TOCS, ulnar artery, upper arterial occlusion, upper extremity arterial ultrasound, upper extremity AV fistula, upper extremity ischemia, vertebral artery

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