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Donald N. Di Salvo, MD
Venous Ultrasound in the Oncology Patient
Donald N. Di Salvo, MD
08/12/2013 | Time : 34 min
About This Lecture:

Topics mentioned in this video : Title, Disclosures, Overall outline, Virchow’s triad and the cancer patient, Relationship of cancer VT, Schematic image, Opening case 1a, Image, Patient returns 3 days later, CT image, PET CT, Thymic carcinoma, Case 1b, RLL pulmonary embolus and lower lobe infarct, Left common iliac vein thrombosis, Chemotherapy and VT, Do targeted chemotherapies increase VT risk relative to conventional chemotherapy?, Breast cancer on Taxol and Avastin, Is vascular “toxicity” a biomarker for treatment response?, Case 2a, Video clip, Acute IJV thrombosis, Sonographic image, Acute IJV thrombosis, Case 2b, Video clip, Acute left axillary vein thrombosis, Upper extremity DVT, Catheter-associated VT, Case 3, Video clips, Calf veins: yes or no?, Site of DVT and clinical outcome, Case 4a, Sonographic images, Partially occlusive thrombus of right brachiocephalic vein, Waveform analysis: pulsation, Sonographic image, Asymmetry of waveforms, Case 4b, Images, Monophasic waveform CFV, Case 5, Video clips, RBC echogenicity, Rouleaux, CT image, US as problem-solving tool, Case 6a, Case 6b, Image, Pseudothrombus, Case 6b, Case 6c, MRI image, Sonographic images, What if it’s not DVT?, Case 7a, Sonographic images, Melanoma “in transit”, Case 7b, Sonographic images, Thigh liposarcoma with venous invasion, Case 7c, Sonographic images, PET CT image, Case 8, Video clip, Sonographic image, Pectoralis muscle necrosis, Summary

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Keywords : brachiocephalic vein, CFV, common femoral vein, deep venous thrombosis, DVT, greater saphenous vein, GSV, IJV, iliac vein, inferior vena cava, internal jugular vein, IVC, monophasic waveform, PE, peroneal vein, popliteal vein, pseudothrombus, pulmonary embolus, pulsatile waveform, subclavian vein, superior vena cava, SVC, thromboembolism, venous invasion, Virchow’s triad

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