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2003-01-15-15 Answer to case of the week # 98 © Tzachrista www.TheFetus.net

Answer to case of the week # 98

June 27 - July 10

Eleni Tzachrista, Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD

Athens, Greece & Nashville, TN

A fetus with a large facial mass. The fetus was diagnosed with severe lymphangioma and hemangioma. Surgery was completed initially to take out a portion in the chin, with hopes that the swelling would go down. A week later a tracheostomy was performed in due to the weight of the mass. The third week another surgery was done to stop some of the bleeding in the left cheek. MRI confirmed a massive lymphomatous malformation consistent with cystic hygroma within the neck with airway compromise. No focal parenchymal lesions are seen within the brain.


Cystic hygroma, anterior

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