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2003-05-19-08 Case of the week # 102 © Sosa

Case of the week # 102

August 29 - September 11, 2003

Alberto Sosa, MD, PhD

Universidad de Carabobo. Valencia. Venezuela

Case report
A 32-year-old woman, at 37 weeks of pregnancy, was referred for ultrasound targeted scan for presenting polyhydramnios and two abdominal cysts. The study showed bilateral cysts in abdominal cavity. The abdominal perimeter was at the 95th percentile. The coronal and axial abdominal reveled the following images:

Delivery occured by cesarean section at 39 weeks delivering a male newborn weighing 3400 gr., with abdominal distention and clinical sign of intestinal obstruction. The definitive diagnosis was Gastric duplication cyst in association with pyloric atresia . The patient was treated by excision of duplication cyst, and pyloro-duodenostomy and his outcome was good. .


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