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2003-05-20-09 Answer to case of the week # 101 © Sosa

Answer to case of the week # 101

Miguel Octavio Sosa

Barquisimeto- Venezuela

19-year-old primigravida. During third week of pregnancy, she is vaccinated with anti-measles vaccine, without knowing about the pregnancy. There are no important details before the pregnancy. At 22nd week, an ultrasound is performed demonstrating a single nasal channel on the left side and absence of right nostril.

A female newborn was delivered at 38 week, by cesarean section due to breech presentation. Size of right eye is bigger than left, and there is total absence of the right nostril. Apgar 9 at birth. No complications during postpartum. Newborn is actually under study by plastic surgeon


These are the 3D CT reconstruction.



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