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2004-02-05-14 Answer of the case of the week #113 © Sosa

Answer to case of the week #113

February 20-March 3, 2004

Alberto Sosa Olavarria, MD

Perinatology Unit, Carabobo University, Valencia - Venezuela

This 30-year-old primigravida  (ORh+) has no particular family or personal history. Her first examination at 16 weeks was reported as normal. Findings obtained during a repeat examination at 20 weeks result in her referral to our unit. The following images were obtained:

These images show the striking cystic structure in the penile urethra and slight distension of the bladder. These 2 findings are characteristic of megalourethra.

...and these of course represented a horseshoe kidney !


Both an amniocentesis and FISH studies reported a normal 46XY karyotype.

So the final diagnosis was Megalourethra with horseshoe kidney  !


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