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2004-02-05-14 Answer to case of the week #114 © Clavelli

Answer to the case of the week #114

March 5-18, 2004

Adrian Clavelli, MD1, Horacio Ahielo, MD2, E Watman, MD 1, and L. Otaño, MD 2

1 Diagnostico Maipu, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2 Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires,  Argentina

During a third  trimester scan these images were obtained:

Of course this fetus has a sliver of ascites around the bladder (the larger cystic mass in the middle of the screen). The two little “rabbit ears” on top of the bladder represents the 2 horns of a bicornuate uterus.
At delivery  a 
Persistent urogenital sinus was recognized.


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