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2004-07-16-15 Answer to the case of the week # 126 © Alegre

Answer to case of the week # 126

August 26-Sept 9, 2004

Montse Alegre, MD

This is an ultrasound scan performed at 20 weeks of gestation in a 23-year-old mother with no history of consanguinity.

The scans demonstrate a lymphangioma extending into the neck and thorax. The fetus also had bilateral hydrothorax (seen  in image 3), which prevented the expansion of lungs. At 20 weeks of gestation, a thoracocentesis was performed which enabled the lungs to expand. However, the lymphangioma continued to grow. The baby was delivered at 38 weeks of gestation by a ceaserean section and the lymphangioma was surgically removed.



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