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2005-01-26-20 Answer to Case of the week #136 © Mansour

Answer to Case of the week #136

January 27- February 10, 2005

Sobhi Abou-Louz, MD, Ghada Mansour, MD
Ain Shams university, Obstetrics and Gynecology department, Cairo, Egypt 

These are serial sonograms done on a woman who presented for the first time at 30 weeks. She had no significant past medical history. The following were the findings in the male fetus:

4-D volume rendered images:

These are the images obtained at 32 weeks of gestation:

The brain, skull, lateral ventricles and posterior fossa were all normal:

This is a case of simple subcutaneous cyst found in the lower fetal back. These are the postnatal photographs of the fetus with the swelling on the back. The cyst was surgically excised and the diagnosis was confirmed.

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