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2005-04-26-20 Answer to Case of the week #145 © Julien
Answer to Case of the week #145

June 16 - June 30, 2005

Emmanuel Julien, MD 


A 35-year-old woman gravida 1, was scanned for the first time at 34 weeks of gestation. The mother had a positive medical history for a cardiac anomaly, which was essentially untreated and she had no symptoms regarding the same. The following are the images obtained of the fetus.

The fetal heart had a very dilated and hypokinetic left chamber with atresia of the aortic orifice and dysplasýa of mitral valve. The mother had the same cardiac anomaly, but was symptom-free. The fetus was delivered at 35 weeks of gestation, but died on day 3. The final histopathology was tight aortic stenosis with a monocuspid valve.

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