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2005-09-20-11 Answer to Case of the week #156 © Simcha
Answer to Case of the week #156

November 25 - December 8, 2005

Yagel Simcha, MD

Professor and Head of Ultrasound Unit, Hadassah University Hospital, Mt Scopus, Jerusalem, Israel

These are the serial scans obtained during different weeks of gestation, in a woman G7, P6 with no known obstetric risk factors. The anomaly was discovered at a routine antenatal scan. The anomaly grew in size throughtout the pregnancy, reaching a maximum diameter of 5.5mm.

Scan 1:

Scan 2:

Scan 3:

A mass was discovered protruding from the area of the posterior commissure. The origin of the mass from the labia was not clearly visualized, however using 3D ultrasound, the anus could be clearly seen and any connection of the mass to the anus was excluded.

A baby girl was born at term after an uncomplicated labor and delivery. The mass was visualized, ligated and resected on the second day of life in a procedure lasting less than one minute. Pathological analysis diagnosed a lipomatous skin tag. The baby girl is thriving with no apparent scarring or other sequelae.


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