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2006-04-03 Answer to the case of week #169 © Guerrero & Nguyen

Answer to the case of the week #169

June 09 - 23, 2006 2006

Luis Diaz Guerrero, MD


* Perinatology Unit, Carabobo University, Valencia, Venezuela

Thuy Van Nguyen, MD


* Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Danang General Hospital, Vietnam


Trinh Nguyen, MD




These are two different cases from two differents physician. The final diagnosis is the same! During the week, we received another similar case and we decided to add it here!!!!

Case report 1

Luis Diaz Guerrero, MD

This is a 28-year-old pregnant woman, G2P1, referred to our unit with the suspect of meconial peritonitis at 34 weeks. The ultrasound examination revealed a male fetus with normal growth (2500g). In the abdomen, a complex solid ovoid with bone mineralization mass was seen. Long bones, ribs and spine with a feeding vessel from the fetal aorta were identified. The mass measured were 6 x 4,5 x 5 cm.

Fetal Doppler was normal. The baby was born at 37 weeks and underwent to surgery due to an acute intestinal obstruction. The fetus-in-fetu was removed with a good evolution of the host fetus.



Anatomic-pathological examination


Case report 2

Thuy Van Nguyen, MD

This is a 35-year-old-woman, G2P1, without any relevant past obstetrical history. The first scan was performed at 28 weeks and the fetus-in-fetu was diagnosed. Serial scans were performed. 

The baby was delivery vaginally, at full term, weighting 3500, in good conditions. He is now a healthy 3-month-old boy.




Note the fetal head of the normal fetus compatible with 33 weeks


Left image: Note the fetal head of the fetus-in-fetu,  with the BPD measuring 24mm consistent with 14 weeks.

Right image: Same image one month later. Note that the fetus-in-fetu head seems to compress the normal fetus stomach.


Left image: Transverse section of normal fetal abdomen including the fetus-in-fetu head

Right image: Longitudinal section of normal fetal abdomen showing the fetal head and upper cervical spine of the fetus-in-fetu


A few other scans showing the head of the the fetus-in-fetu within the abdomen of the host fetus.



These are postnatal X-ray images.



Case report 3

Trinh Nguyen, MD

These are some images of a fetus-in-fetu.



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