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2007-10-10-15 Answer to the case of the week #213 © Tulbah

Answer to the case of the week #213

February 28, 2008 - March 13, 2008 

Maha Tulbah, MD(1) , Damadi R., MD (2)

(1)Dept of Perinatology and (2)Ultrasound Dept, King Faisal Hospital and research center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Case report

The following images show a rare case of the junctional epidermolysis bullosa.

Images 1, 2: The images show transverse scans of the fetal abdomen and the amniotic fluid around. The amniotic fluid is slightly dense and discreet strips of the flaked fetal skin can be seen. 


Image 3: The image shows the fetal femur and thigh. The thigh is tapered due to the massive peeling of the blisters characteristic for the junctional epidermolysis bullosa.  

Images 4, 5: 3D images of the fetal face (Image 4) and the right upper extremity (Image 5). 


Images 6, 7: 3D images show the fetal thigh and shank. The skin covering the lower part of the thigh, knee, and shank is flaked off. This is why these parts are apparently thinner with discontinuity of the skin surface (upper thigh versus lover parts of the leg).


Images 8, 9: Postnatal appearance of the baby.



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