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2009-11-12-09 Answer to the case the week #255 © Krasnov

Answer to the case of the week #255

October 29, 2009 - November 12, 2009

Alexander Krasnov, MD*, Galina Gorokhova, MD**, Larisa Golovakha, MD*, Irina Glazkova, MD*. 

*  Donetsk`s regional specialized center of medical genetic and prenatal diagnosis, Ukraine
** Donetsk hospital ¹6 



Case report


The following images represent an interesting case of the hemangioma of the leg. This was a first pregnancy of the nonconsaguineous couple. Ultrasound scan at 13 and 20 weeks did not show any anomalies. Triple test came out normal. The anomaly was first diagnosed at 30 weeks scan and differential diagnosis included hemangioma. Following scan at 37 weeks showed an increase in the size of the tumor and profuse blood supply. The baby girl was delivered at term. The final diagnosis given by pathologist confirmed cavernous-capillary hemangioma.


Images 1,2: 30 weeks of pregnancy; the image 1 represents a sagittal scan of the leg showing the protuberant mass; the image 2 shows a transverse scan through the tumor mass.


Images 3,4: 37 weeks of pregnancy; the images show transverse view of the round tumor mass with vascularization.




Images 5,6,7: 37 weeks of pregnancy; image 5 shows 3D view of the tumor, images 6,7 show blood vessel supply and arterial blood flow measured by Doppler.





Videos 1,2,3: Videos 1 and 2 show sagittal and transverse scan of the tumor, video 3 presents a vascularization of the tumor.


Image 8,9: Images present the affected leg after delivery.


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