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2012-05-12-14 Case of the week#327 ©Marcos Antonio Velasco Sanchez

Case of the week # 327

September  13rd, 2012  -  September 27th, 2012 

Marcos Antonio Velasco Sanchez, MD., Andres Zurita Zurita, MD.,Jose Angel Samano Cortazar , MD., Jose Luis Abarca, MD., Alejandra Toledo, MD., Yuridia Abarca , MD.
Centro de Estudios  e Investigacion  en Ultrasonido  General del Estado de Guerrero,Mexico. 

Case report:

A 28-year-old (G3P2) patient was referred to our center at 20 weeks for the intrauterine growth restriction and oligohydramnios. The history was unremarkable.
The diagnosis were: Cloacal dysgenesis associated with holoprosencephaly, cephalocele, cleft lip and palate.

Ultrasound findings:

  • Left hydronephrosis, a cystic appearance of the right kidney, hydroureters
  • Oligohydramnios
  • Cloacal dysgenesis with vesico-rectal fistula 
  • Cleft lip and palate 
  • Cephalocele, holoprosencephaly
Here are the images: 

Image 1-3: Showing abnormal posterior fossa and structural anomaly of the brain.

Image 4-10: Showing a hypoechogenic mass at the lower abdomen, hydroureters left hydronephrosis, right polycystic kidney.

Image 11-14: Postmorterm findings

Video clip:

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