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2012-10-18-14 Case of the week # 339 © Murad Esetov

Answer to the case of the week # 339

February 28, 2013 - March 14, 2013

Murad Esetov, MD; Gylnabat Bekeladze, MD; Elina Gyseinova, MD.
Private Ultrasound practice “SONO”; Republic Hospital, Dagestan, Russia.

Case report

A 28-year-old woman (G2P1) was referred to our office at 20 weeks 1 day of gestational age. Her medical history was unremarkable.
Our ultrasound examination revealed the following findings:
Dilated, thick-walled urinary bladder;
Bilateral pyelectasis with bilateral ureteral dilatation (a renal cortico-medullar differentiation was not distinguishable);
Megalourethra with intraluminal dilatation;
Amniotic fluid volume was normal.

No other anomalies were found.
Image 1: The image shows umbilical arteries passing next the thick-walled urinary bladder.

Image 2: The image shows: fetal kidney with mild pyelectasis (1); dilated ureter (2); dilated fetal urinary bladder (3) and megalourethra with its intraluminal dilatation (arrows).

Image 3: The image shows dilated urinary bladder with bilateral ureteral dilatation (arrows)

Image 4: The image shows crucial finding - the megalourethra with its intraluminal dilatation (arrows)

Image 5: 3D image showing enlarged fetal penis due to megalourethra.

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