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2014-07-12-17 Answer to the case of the week #379 © Jeanty 

Answer to the case of the week #379

October 02, 2014 - October 16, 2014

Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD.

Inner Vision Women's Ultrasound & Medical Genetics, 2201 Murphy Ave #203, Nashville, TN 37203,USA.


Case report

Look at the images below and try to think what is abnormal there...



Simple observations sometime lead to more complex answers, but in our case the answer was simple. The most prominent finding in the images above is that the Tei index (m
yocardial performance index) is higher than normal (in our case the Tei index is approximately 0.8). The fetus was delivered by C-section the same day.

The Tei index is an easily measured Doppler-derived index reflecting left or right ventricular myocardial performance combining systolic and diastolic time intervals and may serve as a combined index of global myocardial function. A more complete discussion can be found here.

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