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2017-06-19  Case of the week # 450  © Moshe Bronshtein

Answer to the case of the week # 450
July 20, 2017 - August 3, 2017

Moshe Bronshtein, MD.
Haifa, Israel.

Case report

Following images show an important and transient sign seen in the early midtrimester, useful to diagnose a common anomaly.

The sign is a transient and distended right-sided sigma useful in the diagnosis of low anal atresia. This finding usually dissapear at 20-22 weeks of pregnancy, and even the ¨target sign¨ (normal annus) could be present.
This case was confirmed after birth.

Images 1, 2; video 1, 2: 2D axial and sagittal images at 15 weeks of pregnancy showing the distended color (arrows) on the right side of the fetus, posterior to the urinary bladder.


Videos 3, 4: the sign spontaneously dissapeard at 22 weeks and even the target sign is visible. 

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