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 2018-04-29  Case of the week # 473  © Lilit Hovsepyan

Answer to the case of the week # 473
June 21, 2018 - July 5, 2018

Case report
A 24-year-old woman, (G2P1) with no consanguinity and unremarkable medical records came to our hospital at 26- 27 weeks of pregnancy. No data of first trimester screening. Her second trimester ultrasound examination in another hospital didnt reveal any anomalies.

In our ultrasonographic examination we revealed an anorectal malformation, imperforate anus with the fistula extended from the rectum to the urethra without communication with the skin, and left side hydronephrosis. 

During the macroscopic examination no fistula was found between the bladder and rectum. During microscopic examination there was a very small fistula between rectum and urethra. 

Images 1-6, videos 1-10: 2D and color Doppler images showing left hydronephrosis, imperforate anus with fistula between rectum and urethra. 

Images 7-11: specimen study and microscopy examination revealed a small fistula between rectum and uretha.

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