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2018-11-07  Case of the week # 484  © Kacar Alaattin

Answer to the case of the week # 484
November 22, 2018 - December 6, 2018
Kacar Clinic Balikesir - Turkey

Case report
Following images represent a case of a 40 weeks gestational age fetus with a rare prenatal condition, referred to our clinic for scrotal mass evaluation.
Fetal inguinal scrotal hernia results in an abnormal embryonic process of the tunica vaginalis. 
Differential diagnosis includes hydrocele, teratoma, hemangiomas, solid tumours of testis, bowel herniation, and testicular torsion. Bowel peristalsis is an important ultrasound sign and it allowed us to make diagnosis of inguinal scrotal hernia. Diagnosis was confirmed at births shown in postnatal image.

The diagnosis was made as a team work with Balikesir Ataturk Government Hospital Obstetrics and Ginecology department. Special mention to Dr. Ertugrul Karahanoglu, who is a fetal medicine specialist and he is working in a larger serie of prenatal diagnosis of inguino-scrotal hernias, to be published soon in a major in a prestigious ultrasound journal.
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