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2002-01-10-12 Answer to the Case of the week #64 © Jeanty

Answer to case #64

December 13,  2001-January 10, 2002

Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD, Ana Bircher, MD

Nashville, TN

The following images were obtained in a 2nd trimester fetus. They demonstrated a mild hydrops with pleural effusion, minimal ascites but little or no skin edema.\\






There is also a 2 MB video-clip that demonstrated an essentially normal heart.


In this case the finding was simply of mild hydrops with no evidence of cardiac malformation or dysrhythmia. Fetal anemias are a good etiology for such hydrops and in some parts of the world isoimmunizations or hemoglobinopathies would  be the top choices. Another category are the infectious disorders and in this case, mostly on statistical ground, Parvovirus B19 was suspected and confirmed.

As you can see the baby did well after the transfusions.

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