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2002-09-26-12 Answer to the case of the week #79 © Bircher

Answer to Case of the week # 79

September 13-26, 2002

Ana Maria BIrcher, MD, Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD, Fernando Heredia, MD.

Nashville, TN

This fetus was scanned for "heart-tones difficult to hear" at 11 weeks 2 days.

These following images show a ventral wall defect. Note also a prominent but normal nuchal translucency. 

Color doppler exmination show the heart outside the chest.

Surface rendering 3D reconstructions show a protruding mass in the fetuses anterior wall.


The final diagnosis of course was Pentalogy of Cantrell .

If we compare these images with the ones provided by Dr. Machado, we can see how this mass is more cranially positiioned. Also note that the implantation area of the mass is much wider compared to the omphalocele.

 Now, lets compare all the above with Dr. Sepulveda"s Limb-body-wall complex:


Although surface rendering 3D looks so nice, it lacks something: If we had the fetus in our hands we would recognize the organs by their colors. In a pentalogy the herniated tip of the heart and the omphalocele have very different appearance under the thin layer of amnion/Wharton"s jelly. 3D surface rendering mask these details a little like a blanket of snow covers the details on the ground. This adds to the difficulty in identifying the abnormal structures.Gray scale 2D ultrasound would probably not have these problems since we can also "look what is inside" these protruding masses. If there was a way to assign a colour to each organ"s ultrasound reflectivity index, that would be a great improvement for 3D.

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