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2002-09-23-09 Case of the week #81 © Bircher


Case of the week # 81

October 11 - 24, 2002

Ana Maria Bircher, MD, Fernando Heredia, MD, Rani Lewis, MD*, Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD

Women"s Health Alliance, Nashville, Tennessee. *Maternal Fetal Medicine Nashville, TN


A 30-year-old woman was referred at 25-week gestation. The following images were obtained at that time.

The fetal head (2D and 3D reconstructions)

The fetal face


Note the beautiful surface 3D rendering


The fetal thorax

The upper limbs


The lower limbs

There is also a short video clip available.

There is another video clip with greyscale surface 3D rendering of the fetal face and head.

What is (are) the finding(s), and the name of the condition ?

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