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2004-07-12-14 Case of the week # 124 © Jacquemard www.thefetus.net/

Case of the week # 124

July 29-August 12, 2004

François Jacquemard*, MD, Danièle Pariente**, MD, Hélène Martelli, MD, Luc Gourand*, MD

*Institut de Puériculture et de Périnatalogie de Paris; **Radiologie pédiatrique, Bicêtre; ***Chirurgie pédiatrique, Bicêtre

This fetus was first scanned at 12 week. There was an unconfirmed suspicion of gastrointestinal obstruction

The patient was rescanned at 18, 25 and 28 weeks. A right-sided pelvic mass with fluid was identified. No evidence of obstruction. The rest of the examination is normal.

At 30 weeks the image is no longer identified !

At 32 weeks the image is again observed. The mass is 21 by 30 by 51 mm and had thick walls and appears to have peristalsis.

I incorrectly labelled the © for the following images. They were done by Dr. Pariente. I apologize for this error (PJ)




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