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2006-01-24 Case of the week #167 © Novakov www.thefetus.net/

Case of the week #167

May 12 - 25, 2006

Novakov Mikic A, MD1, Ivanovic Lj, MD1, Lucic M, MD2, Kiralj A, MD3, Dobric Lj, MD1, Koprivšek , MD2, Vuckovic N, MD4, Kacanski M, MD4


1 Klinika za ginekologiju i akušerstvo, Klinicki centar Novi Sad, Serbia 3 Klinika za maksilofacijalnu hirurgiju, Klinicki centar Novi Sad, Serbia 4 Institut za patologiju i histologiju, Klinicki centar Novi Sad, Serbia, 2 Dijagnosticki imidžing centar. Institut za onkologiju, Sremska Kamenica, Serbia


 This is a case referred to our unit at 28 weeks. There was no relevant obstetrical history.


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