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 2012-02-01-09 Case of the week # 318 © Fabrice Cuillier www.TheFetus.net 

 Case of the week #318

May 10th , 2012 -  May 24 th , 2012

Fabrice Cuillier ,MD.1, Arrazola G.,MD.2, Cartault F.,MD.3, Alessandri J.L.,MD.4 


1     Service de Gynécologie, Hôpital Félix Guyon, 97400 Saint-Denis, La Réunion. France.  

2 Service de Gynécologie, Hôpital , 97400 Saint-Denis, La Réunion. France. 

Service de Génétique, Hôpital Félix Guyon, 97400 Saint-Denis, La Réunion. France. 

4 Cabinet d’Echographie, 10 Route de Moufia, 97490 Sainte-Clotilde. La Réunion. France. 

Case report:

A 41-year-old healthy woman (G6P3) was referred to our antenatal unit for 12-gestational-week sonographic examination. Her family and medical history were remarkable. Her parents were consanguineous. Her second child with the same abnormalities died at 13 months of life because of respiratory deficiency. She had three miscarriages. 

Here are some images:


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