Fetal Cardio 2018 - Krakow, Poland
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Aicardi - Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD ,Sandra Silva, MD
Amniotic band syndrome - F Contarin ,Rivas Elba Sophia ,Guevara Ylsi ,Rodríguez Nathalie.
Amniotic band syndrome
Antley-Bixler syndrome - Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD ,Luiz Eduardo Machado, MD ,Renato Ximenes, MD
Asplenia-polysplenia syndromes - Sandra R Silva, MD ,Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD
Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome
Binder phenotype - Emmanuel Julien
Binder Syndrome - Fabrice Cuillier
Binder syndrome with brachytelephalangy - Fabrice Cuillier
Broad thumb-hallux syndrome - Dominique Thomas, MD ,Isabelle Mahillon, MD ,France Hayez-Delatte, MD ,Françoise Rypens, MD ,Joelle
Caudal regression syndrome - Sandra R Silva, MD ,Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD
Cerebro-costo-mandibular syndrome
Cerebrohepatorenal syndrome - Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD ,Sandra R Silva, MD
Cerebro-oculo-nasal syndrome - Cuillier F. MD, Alessandri J.L.MD, Dr Cartault F.MD.
CHARGE syndrome - Cuillier F, Dorey B, Cartault F, Balu M
CHARGE syndrome - Emmanuel Julien, M.D., Philippe Juhel, MD.
Cornelia de Lange syndrome
Cryptophthalmos with other malformations - Julio Navarro MD* ,Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD
Cumming syndrome - Fabrice Cuillier ,K. Comalli Dillon ,L. Lagarde ,J.L. Alessandri
Currarino syndrome
DiGeorge syndrome - Moshe Bronshtein
Ellis-van Creveld syndrome
Emanuel syndrome - L Dudarewicz, J Jakubowski, W Hawula, M Kozlowska, U Laskowska, B Ramsauer, H Herbst, C Rickert
Fragile X syndrome
Fraser syndrome
Fryns syndrome
Goldenhar syndrome
Gordon syndrome - Emmanuel Julien, MD.
Heart-hand syndrome, type 1 - Kathleen Helton, MD* ,Luis F. Gonçalves, MD ,Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD
Holoprosencephaly-hypokinesia syndrome (Morse syndrome) - Maria Verônica Muñoz Rojas, MDa,b ,Luís Flávio Gonçalves, MDa,b ,Rodrigo Dias Nunes, MDb, Jorge Abi
Holt-Oram syndrome
Holt-Oram syndrome
Hydrolethalus syndrome - Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD ,Sandra R Silva, MD
Idiopathic polyhydramnios, cryptorchidy, fetal hypokinesis - possible signs of Prader-Willi syndrome - F Cuillier ,A. El Ramadan ,J L Alessandri ,D Ramful.
Jarcho-Levin syndrome
Klippel Trenaunay-Weber syndrome
Klippel-feil syndrome - Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD ,Sandra R Silva, MD
Lethal multiple pterygium syndrome - Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD ,Sandra R Silva, MD
Maxillo-Nasal dysplasia; Binder syndrome - Cuillier F, MD,Lemaire P, MD,Cartault J.F, MD
McKusick-Kaufman syndrome - Ajit Gandhi MD, Anish Dekhane MD
Meckel Gruber syndrome
Monosomy X, hypoplastic left heart - F Cuillier
Nager syndrome - Raul Martinez, MD
Nemaline myopathy - Moshe Bronshtein
Nemaline myopathy - Cuillier, MD ,Alessandri JL ,Bideault J, MD ,Rabenja A, MD
Neu Laxova syndrome
Noonan syndrome
OEIS complex
Otopalatodigital syndrome type II - Alberto Sosa
Pai syndrome - Elena Andreeva, MD., Ludmila Juchenko, MD.
Pallister-Killian syndrome
Partial deletion of the long arm of chromosome 18 - Karam Saoud
Pena-Shokeir syndrome - Sandra R Silva, MD ,Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD
PHACES syndrome with cerebellar hemihypoplasia - Luís Flávio Gonçalves, MD ,Eugênio Grillo MD
Pierre Robin syndrome - Heron Werner, MD
Poland syndrome - Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD ,Sandra R Silva, MD
Poland syndrome, 13 weeks - Moshe Bronshtein
Post axial acrofacial dysostosis - Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD
Prenatal ultrasound findings of Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome - Sandra Rejane Silva, MD ,Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD
Proteus syndrome - Submitted by Elke Sleurs, MD* ,Luc De Catte, MD*
Proximal femoral deficiency syndromes
Pterygium syndrome multiple lethal - Luis A. Izquierdo, MD* ,Teresa M. Castellano, MS ,Carol L. Clericuzio, MD ,Bobby G. Nevils, MD ,Jame
Roberts syndrome
Schinzel phocomelia syndrome - Mohamed Elsherif, M.D.
Silver-Russell syndrome - A. Averyanov, MD, A.Telitchenko, MD; E.Buryachenko, MD; A.Krasnov, MD; L. Khlevnaya, MD; M.Nikolenko, MD; I.Maleyeva MD.
Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome - L Dudarewicz ,M Pasinska ,E Malunowicz ,M Krajewska-Walasek ,L Jakubowski ,M Grzesiak
Split notochord syndrome - Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD
Thrombocythemia absent radius syndrome - Moshe Bronshtein
Thrombocytopenia-absent radius syndromes - Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD ,Sandra R Silva, MD
Townes-Brocks syndrome - Annette Reuss, MD, PhD
Treacher Collins syndrome
Tuberous sclerosis
VACTERL association
Walker-Warburg syndrome
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