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Twin reversed arterial perfusion syndrome
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TRAP 3D - Luiz Eduardo Machado, MD
TRAP sequence, embolization - Fernando Heredia ,Victor Quiroz
TRAP syndrome - Romana Gerychova, MD, Eva Racanska, MD, Petr Janku, MD.
TRAP syndrome - Luís Flávio de Andrade Gonçalves, MD1 ,Sandra Rejane Silva, MD2 ,Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD3
TRAP syndrome - W. Adrian Clavelli, MD ,Antonio Terrones, MD
TRAP syndrome: case report and perspectives of prenatal therapy - Lech Dudarewicz, Jan Deprest
TRAP with pump twin demise - Erasmo Huertas Tacchino, MD
TRAP, acardiac at 24 weeks - Juliana MB Leite, MD ,Julio CF Couto, MD
TRAP, acardiac, acephalus - Lacaze S, MD ,Cuillier F, MD ,Riviere JP, MD
TRAP, acardiac, acephalus - Luis Izquierdo, MD* ,James Smith, MD ,George Gilson, MD ,Gerardo Del Valle, MD ,Gary Joffe, MD, Moll
TRAP, acardiac, amorphus - Beth Gross, MD ,Boris Petrikovsky, MD, PhD ,Elizabeth Lane, MD
TRAP, acardiac, amorphus - Dominique Thomas, MD
TRAP, acardiac, anceps - Hector G Quiroga P., MD ,Enmanuel Lugo, MD.
TRAP, acardiac, anceps - Bobby G. Nevils, MD* ,James E. Maciulla, MD ,Luis A. Izquierdo, MD ,George J. Gilson, MD ,Luis B. Cu
TRAP, acardiac, cephalic - Kanu G. Bala, MBBS, FCGP* ,Kohinoor Begum, MBBS, FCPS
TRAP, acardiac, outcome - Dieter Grab, MD ,Volker Schneider, MD ,Jorg Keckstein, MD ,Rainer Terinde, MD
TRAP, acardiac, ultrasound-guided embolization - Richard M. Roberts, PhD, MD* ,Dinesh M. Shah, MD ,Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD ,James F. Beattie Jr., MD
TRAP, acephalic presenting at full term - Robert Roger Lebel, MD ,Carlos Mock, MD ,Jeannette Israel, MD ,William Senica, MD
TRAP, with rudimentary heart - Nilda Sanchez, MD ,M. Freire, MD ,Alejandro d´Huicque, MD
Twin reversed arterial perfusion syndrome - Anna Meshkova
Twin reversed arterial perfusion syndrome - Ghada Mansour, MD ,Mahmoud Youssef, MD
Twin reversed arteriap perfusion sequence - Imane Benchiba
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