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2-vessel cord
Agenesis of the ductus venous (type 3) with venous ectasia - Islam Badr
Allantoic cysts
Coarctation of the umbilical cord - Meyer Serrano MD
Completely patent urachus - William Meyer, MD* ,Daniel Gauthier, MD ,Andre Bieniarz, MD ,Steven Warsof, MD
Cord entanglement
Cord prolapse - Margaret Furness
Cord, eccentric insertion - Francois Manson, MD
Cord, velamentous insertion
Ductus agenesis
Ductus venosus anatomy
False knot cord - Francois Duchatel, MD
Intrafunicular bowel herniation and umbilical cord cyst - Emmanuel Julien
Notching in the umbilical artery Doppler waveform - Philippe Deblieck, MD.
Omphalomesenteric cysts
Partial four vessels umbilical cord - Cynthia Wenglinski
Patent urachus - Elena Andreeva, MD ,Natalia Odegova, MD ,Natalia Bortnovskaya, MD ,Svetlana Thuchvaga, MD.
Persistent right umbilical vein
Replaced umbilical artery
Single umbilical artery - Vladimir Lemaire
True knot
True knot of the umbilical cord - Lilit Hovsepyan
Umbilical arterial loops - P.Deblieck, MD
Umbilical artery thrombosis - Adrian Clavelli
Umbilical cord adherent to the fetal hand - Alexandre Krasnov, MD
Umbilical cord around the fetal neck - Miguel Merino, MD.
Umbilical cord cyst - Francesco Labate, MD
Umbilical cord cyst imitating omphalocele - Fabrice Cuillier, MD
Umbilical cord cysts, 2 cases - Albana Cerekja, Juan Piazze, Maria Alida Zarlenga
Umbilical cord entanglement in monoamniotic twins - Fabrice Cuillier, MD ,L. Lagarde, MD
Umbilical cord prolapse - Val Catanzarite, MD, PhD
Umbilical vein fenestration - Dominique Thomas, MD
Umbilical vein varix
Vasa previa
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