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2006-01-23-13 Choledochal cyst © Ruiz

Choledochal cyst

Vicente Jesus Ruiz, MD

Centro de Ecografia, Salta, Argentina

This is a 32-year-old woman, G2P1, with a fetus presenting with a chodecochal cyst. At 38 weeks a cesarean section was performed . The newborn weighed 3200g (male, Apgar 9/10). At the 15 postnatal day, a surgical excision of the cyst and reconstruction of the biliary tree with a Roux-en-Y anastomosis was performed. The baby had a good evolution. He is now with 16 months old and healthy. The final pathology diagnosis was:  Choledochal cyst, type I



Axial views of the fetal abdomen at 17 weeks. Note the “double bubble” sign, with the stomach at the left and a cystic image at the right upper quadrant.



“Double bouble” sign at 34 weeks. Note the ressemblance to a "duodenal atresia" but without the expected polyhydramnios.

Axial views at 34 weeks that suggest the communication  between the cyst in the right upper quadrant and the gallbladder.

Axial views that show the vicinity of the cystic mass to the vessels of the porta hepatis.


Longitudinal and coronal view  of the cystic mass in the right upper quadrant at 32 weeks. In the left image, note the mass connecting with the billiary tree.



Postnatal ultrasound showing the cystic mass in the right upper quadrant.


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