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2006-12-18-12 Winners of the case of the week for 2007 © Jeanty

Congratulations to the

Winners of the Case of the Week, 2007


This is the 9th annual award of the Winners of the case of the week. An amazing 383 participants found at least one correct answer from a pool of about 1200 people who just looked and tried from time to time. The chart below demonstrates the evolution of the number of respondents:

I"d like to thank to all of you who supported us with interesting cases and in particular to Dr. Fabrice Cuillier who, with his team :-) (see below), constantly keeps the highest score in sending of cases and images to us. Many thanks! 

I am constantly amazed by how much everyone knows. So often I post a case with the feeling that there is no way this case can be solved on a few images, and yet hours later we get the correct answer. There are really bright and dedicated people doing ultrasound and it is great privilege to be a small catalyst in this effort!

The following is the top winners among physicians.

Top first time winners - physicians

Philippe Deblieck, Germany, 22 solved cases

Philippe is a Belgian living in Germany together with his wife and three children. His philanthropic activities in the central and east Africa, where he worked as a tropical doctor, were followed by his specialization in gynecology. He likes walking in the wood and sailing with his family, but he found time to answer the cases and he managed to answer 22 of them correctly. Congratulations!

Philippe also happened to have come from the same university as me!

Bahauddin Ibraheem Sallout, Saudi Arabia, 22 solved cases

Baha has been trying to solve our cases since the year 2006 and his effort resulted in 22 solved cases this year.

Sudipta Das, Russia, 21 solved cases


Maha Tulbah, Saudi Arabia, 21 solved cases


Andrey Volkov, Russia, 19 solved cases

Andrey has authored a textbook that he kindly send us. Andrey has been involved in prenatal diagnostic for 20 years. He teaches at the Medical University in Rostov. He likes to play billiard with his friends, but his biggest hobby is his 5-year-old daughter Dasha. 

Julio Navarro, El Salvador, 19 solved cases

Julio is an Ob/Gyn physician who likes music, computers, ecology and is a big fan of ultrasound. He has a great wife and three sons (Andrea, Julio and Luigi). This year he managed to solve 19 of our cases.

Alvaro Teran, Ecuador, 18 solved cases

Alvaro has been working as a general sonologist for 11 years and his experience resulted in 18 solved cases in our competiotion. He lives in the Litoral region of Ecuador and his wife and two kids (Christina and José Manuel) suport him in his chalenge.  He also likes to play football (soccer) and a national sport named Ecua-volley.

Othman A. R. M. Al-Asali, Saudi Arabia, 14 solved cases

Othman"s rich ob/gyn experience resulted in 14 solved cases this year. He works in Al – Hammadi Hospital, Riyadh, and he is a very proud father of his "happy" family (three daughters and son). Congratulations!

Tibisay Del Valle Guerrero Chin Aleong, Spain, 14 solved cases

Tibisay is originally from Venezuela, but currently works in Spain. She is a failry new doctor since she finished her maternal-fetal medicine last year. Her husband says she is addicted to solving the cases... Hum... sounds like a common trait of all the winners!