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2007-03-20-08 Monosomy X, edema of hands and feet © Dudarewicz www.thefetus.net/

Monosomy X, edema of hands and feet

Lech Dudarewicz, MD, Lucjusz Jakubowski, MD, PhD, Wanda Hawula, MSc., Magdalena Kozlowska, MSc.

Polish Mother"s Memorial Hospital, Department of Genetics, Lodz, Poland


Case report

This is a second trimester fetus with Turner"s syndrome. The mother was referred to us because of the fetal cystic hygroma, and we also noticed edema of the dorsal aspect of the feet and hands. A mild pyelectasia and dilatation of the ureters were present too. 

Images 1, 2: 2D ultrasonography; transverse plane showing cystic hygroma (left image); and sagittal plane through the fetal hand showing edema of the dorsal aspect of the hand (right image).


Images 1, 2: 2D ultrasonography; sagittal plane through the fetal foot showing edema of the dorsal aspect of the foot (left image); and coronal plane at the level of kidney showing pyelectasis and ureter dilatation (right image).



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