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2007-04-10-11 Triploidy © Gourand www.thefetus.net/


Luc Gourand, MD.

Paris, France.


Case report

These are some images of a 12 weeks fetus with great disproportion between the head and the abdomen. The final karyotype was 69, XXY. 

Image 1 and 2. 12th week of pregnancy; 2D sonography. Image 1: Sagittal plane through the fetus showing striking disproportion between the head and the abdomen. Image 2: axial scan through the fetal head showing enlarged lateral ventricles.


Image 3 and 4. Image 3 shows normal ductus venosus waveform at 12th week of pregnancy. Image 4: 15th week of pregnancy: coronal plane through the fetal spine suggestive of dysraphism.



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