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2008-04-16-10 Cystic hygroma, monosomy X © Manson www.TheFetus.net
Cystic hygroma, monosomy X

Francois Manson, MD.


Fécamp, France.

Case report  

Following images show a case of cystic hygroma diagnosed at 11.5 weeks old fetus with monosomy X.

Images 1, 2: Image 1 shows increased nuchal translucency of the fetus. Image 2 shows transverse scan of the fetal septate cystic hygroma.


Images 3, 4: Image 3 shows transverse scan of the feal cystic hygroma. Image 4 shows sagittal scan of the fetus with cystic hygroma (CRL 50 mm). Note the orientation of the genital tubercle suggesting a female gender.


Images 5, 6: Image 5 shows transverse scan of the fetal thorax with bilateral pleural effusion and subcutaneous edema. Image 6 shows transverse scan of the fetal abdomen with no evidence of omphalocele.


Images 7, 8: Image 7 shows normal looking fetal hand. Image 8 shows normal pulsed-wave Doppler velocity spectrum of the fetal ductus venosus.


Images 9, 10: 3D images of the fetus with cystic hygroma.



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