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2000-12-17-16 Ovarian cyst, hemorrhagic (unproven)© Arjona

Ovarian cyst, hemorrhagic (unproven)

Juan Camilo Arjona, MD, Jose Luis Duque, MD

Medicina Perinatal, Bogotá Colombia

This is a 30-week old female fetus with a complex adnexal mass. After birth the infant was asymptomatic and a repeat examination 30 days after birth demonstrated the disappearance of the lesion. The newborn did not had ascites or signs of peritoneal irritation. Although there is no pathological proof, it is suspected that this might represent a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst.



PJ"s note:

Traditionally "unproven" cases are not published. But that is a somewhat myopic view. Whether or not this is the correct diagnosis is less important then the message that a little girl with this finding has done well with it, has not required an emergency procedure or post-natal surgery. Thus i think that occasionally there is value in publishing "unproven" cases. I personally had a case with very similar images in which at surgery part of the mass was a torsed adnexa that was wrapped around the cyst.

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