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2009-12-11-12 Winners of the case of the week for 2009 © Jeanty

Congratulations to the winners of the case of the week, 2009!


For the eleventh year now I am contemplating the list of the winners and the notes and emails gathered from the respondents. This year after the loss of Francois, who I had met just like so many of you via emails, I came to treasure all the anecdotes and little chats that everyone so generously shares. The sad moments when a baby, that one hoped to help, did not make it. The self-doubts when a diagnosis was incorrect. The triumphs of solving a case from the site or a difficult case from one’s practice. But also  sharing the kids accomplishments (some cute drawings; “mommy in front of her pc answering the COW”, awards in school, new babies…). There are also sad moments… difficulties with a partner or spouse, or coworker. A whole range of kind notes that makes maintaining this site such a pleasure. Yes there are frustrations. “The server is down”, “the server has been hacked”… but overall what a pleasure to have worked another year with Franti and now Eva.

I am always impressed by how much all the young generation knows. When I was in my thirties being able to differentiate a gastroschisis from an omphalocele was a success. Now diagnoses that I did not know existed are routinely answered and I look at those emails with incredulity and admiration. Yes, for sure, I send a good number of “Good idea,... but not correct  :(” responses. Those who timidly try a case one year decide the next to try their very best and the results are astonishing. 410 respondent found at least one diagnosis. And some winners have incredible staying power. Many of the “Previous Winners” have been previous winners for years! What a stamina!

SonoWorld has been sponsoring Juliana, then Franti and now Eva. I am very indebt to Dr. Goldberg for making this possible, as well as to all those who purchased CD/DVD or made donations to keep the site afloat.

And of course thanks to all who have send those fabulous cases and those many emails,


Top first time winners - physicians

Seerat Malhotra,

23 solved cases

I come from India and I was also trained there. I am based in Oman at the moment. I have been working at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Royal Hospital since 1998. I was introduced to the ultrasound in Oman and I have developed interest in obstetric ultrasound over time. I have two children aged 16 and 12-years-old. I like to travel and read.


Seerat solved 23 of 24 cases in the year 2009! This is an excellent result, congratulations!

Gulser Bingol,


22 solved cases

I am from Turkey. I am married. I am working as an Ob/Gyn at the Sakarya Research and Education Hospital near Istanbul. I like my profession, my patients and I like to learn and study.
I feel better myself about the fetal ultrasound since I followed


Gulser had 22 correct answers, she definitely should feel good about herself! Great job.


Albana Cerekja,

21 solved cases

I am a gynecologist (not radiologist) but I perform almost exclusively ob -gyn ultrasound (I mean no surgery, no deliveries). I work in the ultrasound division of an outpatient department and in some private centers also. I love ultrasound. My hobbies: other than loosing myself in website looking for the correct diagnosis of the cow and exploring all previous articles and cases, I love learning foreign languages.
I was born in Albania where I lived and studied until 25yrs old and I live in Rome (Italy) for 13 years, since 1997. I"m 37 years old and I have one daughter who is 10 years old. I promised her that this year I would be one of the top winners, so she could forgive me for all time I do not dedicate to her when I"m busy with my research....


Albana is a devoted website supporter and did send some very interesting cases to the Albana"s daughter should be proud of her Mum because she did excellent and answered 21 cases correct!

Alexandra Piganova


21 solved cases

I am 33 years old, and I am a doctor. My medical specialty is sonography. I perform general and obstetrics ultrasound examinations. I have a 3-year-experience in OB ultrasound. I was born in Ukraine, and I still live there. I have 2 sons - 4 and 7 years. My work, which I like very much, takes a lot of my time but I try to spend my free time with my family. I like to travel with my family very much (especially to the sea coast during the summer vacation).  My biggest hobby is and Sonoworld. This is very interesting and useful hobby and I try to solve both OB and general COWS. I write poems, generally lyrical. I like to read too (especially "suspense books").


Alexandra had also 21 correct answers, it"s great thing that her job is her biggest hobby as well!


Javier Cortejoso,


20 solved cases

I am a doctor and specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology. In Spain, obstetric and gynecologic ultrasound is usually performed by Ob/Gyns, not by radiologists, so sometimes I have difficulty solving the case of the week when no ultrasound images appear (conventional radiology, CT, MR, etc). I work at a university hospital in the morning and I do prenatal diagnostic ultrasound in the afternoons in a private clinic.
I live in Valladolid, a city of 350,000 inhabitants, capital of Castile and Leon in Spain. I am married to an ophthalmologist and have two children; the older daughter is now at West Virginia University (after completing her two degrees) and the younger son is studying engineering in my hometown, Valladolid.
As for my hobbies, the little free time I have available, I spend with my family. I like to  listen to classical music (my favorites are all Baroque music, especially Bach, Mozart and Verdi) and work on the computer. I believe the there are many learning opportunities offered by the websites. I take many specialty courses through the internet and I am hooked to (it"s my homepage on all my computers and I look at it as a source of clinical information to improve my clinical practice). Earlier this year I decided to guess the “Case of the week” to see how many got it right. I have not done bad at all. I consider it a sensational and entertaining way to learn, but I admit that I feel some anxiety when I am unable to answer. My main problem is English, but I know that Philippe is lenient with grammatical errors and all sorts.
On vacation, I try to travel with my family. I love to get to know, as deeply as possible, various wonderful cities. My last trip was to Berlin, in early November, and the photos that I send are made there.  


Congratulations Javier!!

Alexandre Krasnov,


20 solved cases

My name is Alexandre Krasnov. I am from Donetsk city in the east of Ukraine. I have been working in Donetsk`s regional specialized center of medical genetic and prenatal diagnosis for 13 years in ultrasound department. I have a great family – a wife and two sons. I love football and history. I like to read books and spend time with my family in my free time. I always search for the answers for puzzles with a great pleasure.


Alexandre answered 20 cases, he also send us one of the "Cases of the week" himself. Thank you and congratulations!

Anna Stepanova,


20 solved cases

I’m Anna Stepanova from Minsk, the capital of Belarus. I “fell in love” with prenatal ultrasound in 2000, but I got a chance to practice in this area since 2004. At first it was my additional specialty but now I do specialize only in ultrasound. Your website gives me an opportunity to see much more pathology than I can see during my practice. 
My family, my husband, business consultant, my son Alex 12 years old, daughters Olga and Natasha 9 and 2 years old and black cat Urfin supported me in hours of need.
I can’t imagine myself without reading. I like to swim and I do regret, that we do not have sea in Belarus.


Anna is a very busy woman who is taking care of her 3 kids. She found a time to solve the cases and she did great!!



Nickolay Petrovich Veropotvelyan,


20 solved cases

My name is  Nickolay  Petrovich Veropotvelyan. I’m from Ukraine and I am a director of the  Multiregional Medical Genetics and Prenatal Diagnostics Center in Kryvyi Rih. I’m also a vice-president of the Perinatal Medicine Ukrainiane  Association. I specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Genetics, Ultrasound diagnostics and also in Organization and management of public health.  I am married and have two sons. My wife is a designer. My elder son is an engineer and the younger one still goes to school. My hobbies are driving, drawing, hunting, and reading. I am interested in genetics, reproductive medicine, maternal &  fetal medicine and  interventional & laboratory methods of prenatal diagnostics.

My motto is:” Never give up; No matter how hard, Never focus on Your “who”; The results will show You!


Nickolay always gives us very accurate answers which are an example of his brilliant logical way of thinking. Thank you for sharing your skills with us. Congratulations!




Amal Badi,


19 solved cases

I was born in Libya and currently practice at Health Bay Clinic in Dubai. I do live there with my husband and younger daughter. My son lives in London and my older daughter lives in Montreal. Gynecological surgery is my first passion. I eventually broadened my interests in Diagnostic Ultrasound and it became my second passion. In my free time, I enjoy reading, cooking, painting and almost anything that has to do with handcrafts.

Ultrasound is Amal"s passion and she is very good at it! Congratulations to 19 correct answers.

Natalia Odegova,


19 solved cases


I love my work, my dog,travelling and last but not least my husband and my 2 sons, 11 and 15- year-old. I am the handyman in the house and fortunately my husband  loves the cooking.


Spirydon Pepes,


19 solved cases

I am very happy to hear that I am going to be among the Top first time winners of the "Case of the week 2009".
I am a Greek obstetrician-gynecologist, who after a three years" fellowship with professor Kypros Nicolaides, at Kings College Hospital, in London, decided to dedicate his new private office in Chania exclusively to the prenatal diagnosis of Cretan fetuses.
Except from trying to solve a case of the week :), I spend most of my free time with my family, my wife Niki and our two lovely children George (6) and Alexandra (2).
I like watching nice movies, listening to fine music, navigating to interesting sites, travelling to picturesque places and playing the guitar for good friends. I also love the good Greek food and wine.

We love Spirydon"s comment about his devotion to the Cretan fetuses. He is a great guy and did excelelnt this year. Congratulations!



Top first time winners - sonographers

Shona Whitmell


12 solved cases

I went back to school 10 years ago to become a Sonographer. I currently work at a small hospital in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada. I am married with 3 teenage children. My hobbies include gardening, knitting, and chocolate making.  I started taking piano lessons a few years ago, & I wish I had more time for that.  I"m also working towards completing my degree.
I"ve been a fan of for quite a few years now, & have found it to be a valuable resource.  I"ve made the occasional guess over the years, but never with any seriousness.  Last year I decided to make it my New Year"s Resolution to attempt every single case.  What fun it turned out to be!!  I"ve learned so much, and I love that it makes me use my brain & research so many pathologies.  It"s really helped advance my knowledge base & improved me as a sonographer.  It"s cause little competitions with my co-workers, and I"m constantly being asked if I"ve "got the case yet".  Thank you all for the work you do in providing this web site. I love it. This year I will have to resolve to beat this year"s score.

Congratulations Shona, your New Year"s resolution came true! You did great, congratulations!

Leah Lawrence,


12 solved cases

Laurie Briare,


9 solved cases


Donna Amaraddio,


8 solved cases

I am an obstetric sonographer from Mater Mothers Hospital, Brisbane, Australia. I love this website and enjoy introducing it to everyone who comes to our centre for training. I have been on a break from ultrasound for 6 months but I look forward to getting back to it in 2010!

Congratulations Donna! It"s great to hear that you enjoy our website and introduce it to your trainees in Australia.



Ine Hildershavn Moen,


7 solved cases


Previous top first time winners - physicians

Megha Venkatraman,


24 solved cases

Megha has been a top winner since 2006! She is the only one who got all the answers correct! Congratulations.

Christa Faschingbauer,


23 solved cases


Christa stays among the Top winners for many years!! She had 23 cases solved this year, excellent! 


There is not very much exciting news in my life - I still work in my practice day after day (for almost twenty years now).I enjoy my work and I have lots of fun with My three lovely children are working and studying out of home. My son, who just got married, works as a Ob/Gyn at the University hospital. My older daughter is a journalist and the younger one is studying medicine. That’s why, I have more time for myself.

Ebubekir Unlu,


23 solved cases

Ebu has been among the first time top winners last year and he is the top winner this year as well!

Irina Glazkova,
22 solved cases

Irina made it among the Top winners two years in a row! Congratulations!!

Philippe Deblieck,


22 solved cases

Philippe stays among the Top winners. He is always among the first ones answering the case. Guess what, he is almost always correct!!! He accompanies his answers with funny comments and always makes me lough. This picture shows him looking with his good eye opened, to be able to see, what he is prepared to see!! Congratulations to 22 correct answers.


Emmanuel Julien,


22 solved cases

Emmanuel stays among the Top winners as well! He has a wife and two sons. Except of being an excellent cyclist he paints and exhibits his art work as well. As he says in his email: " It"s always a real pleasure to search to resolve the cows and I try to do as well as François Manson did,  in memory of him but I"m not François..." He did solve 22 cases. Congratulations!!!!

Elena Andreeva,

Belarus (Russia at the moment)21 solved cases

I have got my 8-year-old daugther Arina. She often looks at my computer screen, when I think of cases from or my work. And she even tries to come up with a correct diagnosis!  I have recently changed the place of residence and work. I"m working in Moscow at the Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology for the last couple of weeks.


Elena stays among the Top winners and did great this year, 21 cases!

Marzio Casoli,


20 solved cases

I am 69 years old and I have retired from the work in hospital in 2006. I continue with my obstetric ultrasonography.
My hobbies are ultrasonography, pathology, gardening, history and geography.
My wife is a Dutch woman, born in Amsterdam. I have two sons(Alessandro and Giovanni) and some cats and live in the Country of Castelfiorentino (Florence).


Congratulations Marzio! It"s great that you take your time and solve the cases even beeing retired and you make it among the Top winners with 20 correct answers!



Ilone de Bruijn,


19 solved cases

I"m happy to hear that I managed to come so far!! I am little proud, because I know how many hours I spend this year to solve the cases. Of course  it is not really spending time, because gathering knowledge is always OK, ....but also a never ending story!
In our deparment I see mainly "healthy pregnancies". It"s my duty to catch pathology...Once I heard somebody say:  You only see what you look for, and you only recognise what you know.  Beautiful said isn"t it? So is very helpfull to me.


Ilone has been a first time Top winner last year and she made this year as well ! Congratulations and thanks for the beautiful words of support!


Andrew Averianov,


19 solved cases

Andrew was a first time Top winner last year, with 17 correct answers. He is even better this year, 19 answers correct! Congratulations.   

Andres Arencibia Molina,


19 solved cases

Andres was also first time Top winner last year and he kept answering all the cases this year as well. He was almost always correct. Congratulations!


Previous top first time winners - sonographers

Yvonne Zuidema,


19 solved cases

Prenatal ultrasound, is my favorite work-out together with gynecology and oncology. I have been working for the Catharina hospital in Eindhoven for almost 2 years now. I love my job. I was working for different centers, and private practice before. I perform obstetric ultrasound since 1993 and I’m still learning every day.  
I have two children. My daughter just started a new school to become an Art teacher and my son is in the last year of the Ict-Media-Design studies. I"m lucky they have their own goal.

Yvonne was the first time Top winner in 2008 and she did excellent this year and became a golden sonographer medalist of the 2009! Congratulations.


Dianna Heidinger,


18 solved cases

Dianna stays among  the Top winners! She answers teh cases among the first and is usually correct. She had 18 correct answer this year!!!  Congratulations.

Peter Coombs,


10 solved cases 


Peter is the Sonographer in Charge for Southern Health in Melbourne and Australia. This is a large hospital network which provides tertiary obstetric, paediatric, vascular , abdominal services.

Peter had 6 correct answers last year and this year he answered 10 cases correct. Congratulations!



Emmy van Houten,


9 solved cases


Susan Byers,


7 solved cases

I am the Ultrasound Education Coordinator for the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine.  My students include the OB/GYN & radiology resident physicians, medical students, and sonography students.  I am one of 17 sonographers and have been happily working for this division for almost 20 years now.  Many co-workers tease me and say that I"m "addicted" to!  They are definitely right, I love working on the cases.

I just bought my first house about six months ago and am having so much fun doing projects and working outside.  I live in beautiful southern, coastal Maine and get together with my friends as much as possible on the weekends.

Susan is a great person and website supporter. Congratulations!!

Kim Delaney,


6 solved cases



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