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2013-05-28-10 Diastematomyelia © Vaskova



Andrea Vaskova, MD.

Presov, Slovak republic

Case report

Following images show a case of thoraco-lumbar spinal neural tube defect with diastematomyelia diagnosed at 22 weeks.

Images 1, 2: 22 weeks; transverse scans of the fetal head showing dilated lateral ventricles and abnormal shape of the cerebellum ("banana sign" - arrow at the image 2).


Images 3, 4Images show widening of the thoraco-lumbar spine of the fetus with the bony spur projecting posteriorly (arrow).


Images 5, 6
: Images show transverse scans of the fetal thoraco-lumbar spinal defect with a bony spur dividing the spinal canal into two parts (arrows at the image 6).


Images 9, 10: Postmortem images showing the thoracolumbar spinal defect with diastematomyelia. Bony spur is visible in the midline (arrow at the image 10).


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