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2012-12-14-09 Winners of the case of the week for 2013 - Winners' list © Jeanty

Winners of the case of the week for 2013 - Winners' list
This is the 15th year that we are posting the list of winners. Overall 389 participants found at least one correct answer for our cases of the weeks this year. Many more people just looked and tried to solve our cases from time to time. As usual I am humbled by the quality of all those who answered, their dedication to learning and their efforts in solving very difficult cases on just a few images. Congratulations to all successful solvers! I would also like to thank all of those who had the generosity of their time to share their cases; would not be able to continue without those. 

Particular thanks, as always goes to Fabrice Cuillier for all his perfectly documented cases. Another important contributor, reviewer and adviser who deservers our thanks is Moshe Bronshtein - he is always willing to help us and his rich experience was very valuable in many of our cases.

P.S. In case we forgot to include your winning entry, please do remind us (send the E-mail). You will not offend us at all!

Philippe & Franti

Top first time winners - physicians

Mayank Chowdhury
23 solved cases, India


Mayank is 41-year old gynecologist and works as a head of Fetal Medicine at Mayflower Women Hospital, Ahmedabad, India. His answers were often enriched with kind words and some cute or funny images that always improved our mood. His hard work has put him on the first place in this category.

He is married and has two sons. He likes listening to Hindi songs, and reading books.


Vincenzo Milite 
22 solved cases, Italy


Vincenzo is a gynecologist and works in Artemisia Main Center, Rome, Italy. His wife and daughter live in the Marche region, located in the center of Italy. His daughter is 4 years old. His wife is also a gynecologist; she is a PhD and works in a hospital in Senigallia (near Ancona).

His hobbies includes photography and traveling around the world with his family. He wrote us "I've learned more in one year by reviewing your clinical cases than by attending conferences and conventions around the world".

Vincenzo is also the pupil of Claudio Coco a wonderful friend and former fellow.

 managed to solve 22 of our cases which has classified him to be on the second place in this category. Congratulations!

Margarita Evstigneeva 
21 solved cases, Russia


Margarita works at Center of Immunology and Reproduction in Moscow. She has been doing ultrasound for 12 years. She loves her job, history, travelling, and rafting. Her daughter also studies medicine and dreams of becoming a specialist in ultrasonographic diagnostics.

This year she has managed to solve 21 of our cases, which is a great success. Congratulations!

Olga Putilina
21 solved cases, Republic of Moldova



Olga has been focusing on prenatal ultrasound for seven years. She regularly attends courses organized by professor Medvedev and it seems her dedication and effort resulted in this great achievement in our competition.


Dmitry Drozd 
20 solved cases, Russia


Dmitry is from Khabarovsk City, Russia. He works at private medical clinic "IRC" as a medical geneticist and a prenatal diagnostician.

His answers are usually very accurate and he has managed to solve 20 of our cases this year. Congratulations!

Elena Buryachenko 
20 solved cases, Ukraine


Elena comes from Ukraine and works in Donetsk’s Regional Specialized Center for Medical Genetics and Prenatal Diagnostics.

She likes travelling, jogging, fitness, and swimming with fish in the Red Sea! She also likes to read psychology books. Among her hobbies belongs to solve our cases and this year she has managed to send us 20 correct answers.


Ildar Daminov 
19 solved cases, Russia


Ildar is 30 years old and lives in Sterlitamak city, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia. He performs ob/gyn ultrasound for city hospital and private clinic. He is married and has 1-year old daughter. He loves to be with his family, enjoys sport, reading. He also likes to solve our cases and this year he has sent us 19 correct answers. Congratulations!

Guzal Khodajeva 
19 solved cases, Uzbekistan



Guzal is from Uzbekistan, a beautiful country that she and her collegues made me visit this year. She also came to our Fetal Echo course, quite a long trip that attest to her dedication.

She works at Science Research Medical Center of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) as a neonatologist at Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She has been doing prenatal ultrasound since 1988. In 1996 she defended her PhD thesis focused on ultrasound criteria of perinatal brain injuries in neonates.

Subapriya Kandasamy 
19 solved cases, India


Subapriya is a director of Fetal medicine center at Foetoscans in Chennai, South India. She is specialized in Genetics and Fetal Medicine. She was trained in Genetics by Dr. Shubha Phadke and in Fetal Medicine by Dr. Indrani Suresh.
She wrote us: "I would like to thank to my parents (Mr. Kandasamy and Mrs. Neela), my husband (Dr. Kodeeswaran) and my son (Mas.Om Saran) for their extensive support in my career. Every Thursday I wait for the case to be posted at Solving the cases gives me more confidence".

Subapriya has sent us 19 correct answers this year. Congratulations!

Adrian Popa 
18 solved cases, Romania


Adrian has been solving our cases for several years. This year he has qualified among the top solvers in this category.

He loves his family and is a proud father - his daughter Iulia is 12-year old and son Victor is 6-year old.


Top first time winners - sonographers

Vijayalakshmi Meenakshi Sundaram
14 solved cases, India


Viji has completed her certificate program in Diagnostic Medical Sonography from Medall Medical Academy, Chennai, India. She has been working in Precision Diagnostics Centre, Medall Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. company for nearly four years.

She loves music and has been dedicated to Indian classical music for almost 15 years.

She wrote us: " is a wonderful site and a treasure of knowledge. With my doctor, Dr. Pankajam's encouragement, I started to solve the cases. It has been a wonderful learning experience".

Viji has sent us 14 correct answers this year and become the winner of this category. 


Padmanaban Koochu Govindaraju 
8 solved cases, India


Padmanaban lives in Thanjavur (Tamilnadu, India). He did his schooling in St. Joseph's school in Thanjavur, and after that he joined Bharathidasan Institute of Technology. He has done his Bachelor of Technology course in Biotechnology and chose to join the Sonography course as soon as he had completed his 4-year Biotechnology degree in 2010. He had studied ultrasonography at Medall Healthcare for 2 years and started working with Medall after that.

He got his RDMS credential in September 2013. 

He likes to read books mainly of the Indian authors, listens to music and goes to temples in his leisure time.

This year he has sent us 8 correct answers. Congratulations!

Faun Botor 
5 solved cases, USA


Faun started scanning in 2011 and graduated with her Bachelors in Comprehensive Medical Imaging from UNLV. She currently works at Desert Perinatal Associates in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is registered in OB/GYN and Fetal Echo. She has a wonderful husband of over 4 years, Daniel, and a young son, Alex. She enjoys running and aquariums and would like to learn to scuba dive one day since she loves snorkeling.

Besides her hobbies she found some time for our cases and this year she has classified among our top solvers in this category. Congratulations!

Paula Prem 
5 solved cases, USA


Paula has been working as an ultrasound tech for 29 years, doing Cardiac, OB/Gyn, abdominal and vascular ultrasound.

She is the mother of three adult children. Her hobbies are running and video games. She also finds time for our cases and this year stands among winners of this category.


Amy Bohn
3 solved, USA


Tonna Hollins 
3 solved cases, USA


Jo Paton 
3 solved cases, USA


Jo was initially trained as a midwife in London, UK and then went on to qualify as a sonographer in obstetrics and gynaecology. After working in fetal medicine clinics for several years she emigrated to Perth, Australia with her family in 2006 and now she works as a sonographer in a specialist obstetric and gynaecology clinic.

She wrote us: "I really enjoy trying to solve the challenging cases on and hope to find the time to do it more often in the future! I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for the website. It's a fantastic way to increase my knowledge base and find it really interesting albeit very challenging at times!"

Thank you Jo and c

Annelies Rossi 
3 solved cases, USA


Efrat Saperstein
3 solved cases, Israel


Laura Tetreault 
3 solved cases, USA

Laura lives in Maine and works  at Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine in Portland.


Previous top winners - physicians

Andrew Averyanov 
25 solved cases, Ukraine


Andrew is an experienced solver of our cases and no wonder he is among the top winners again. He also shares his own cases with us.

As all people in this table, Andrew has manged to solve all our cases this year, an incredible feat! Congratulations!

Marzio Casoli 
25 solved cases, Castelfiorentino, Italy


Marzio belongs among our longtime solvers. Although he has been retired for 7 years he always find some time for our cases. A true model for me!

This year he managed to solve all of our cases. Congratulations!

Christa Faschingbauer 
25 solved cases, Germany


Christa is definitelly one of our most dedicated solvers. She is always among the first responders and usually find correct answer within one or two attempts. This year she has become happy grandmother.

Amazingly this is the tenth year she has managed to be among the top winners, an almost unequal feat of stamina, dedication and knowledge.


Florian Faschingbauer
25 solved cases, Germany


Florian has been answering our cases for a few years and he keeps among the top winners from the very beginning. He has become the head of the Prenatal department at the University of Erlangen this year. His answers are very accurate and he usually finds the correct answer at first attempt.

"The apple does not fall far from the tree" and clearly not only genetics but nurture have contributed to make him such a great success.


Larisa Golovakha
25 solved cases, Ukraine


Larisa works in Donetsk’s regional specialized center of medical genetic and prenatal diagnosis in Ukraine. She is a gynecologist and performs obstetrics ultrasound examinations. 

As you can see below in the table there is a great contigency of winner's from Ukraine.

Larisa solved 25 of 25 cases this year! Congratulations!


Emmanuel Julien 
25 solved cases, France


This is also the 10th time that Emmanuel has succeeded to classify among the top winners in our competition, a remarkable feat of dedication hard work and knowledge. He has a rich experience with birth defects and often shares his interesting cases with us.


Alexander Krasnov
25 solved cases, Ukraine


Alex comes from Donetsk city in the east of Ukraine and works in the center of medical genetics and prenatal diagnosis. He has been solving our cases for several years and this is for the fourth time he is among winners in this strong category.


Victoria Lysenko
25 solved cases, Ukraine


Victoria has been practicing ultrasound for 19 years. This is for the third time she is among the top winners!


Andrei Telitchenko
25 solved cases, Ukraine


Andrei is an obstetrician/gynecologist from Donetsk (Ukraine). This is for the second time he is among winners of this category.


Nickolay Petrovich Veropotvelyan
25 solved cases, Ukraine


This is for the fifth time Nickolay has qualified himself to be among the top winners in this strong category. He is from Ukraine and works as a director of the Multiregional Medical Genetics and Prenatal Diagnostics Center in Kryvyi Rih. He is also a vice-president of the Perinatal Medicine Ukrainian Association and specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Genetics, Ultrasound diagnostics and also in Organization and management of public health.

Nickolay has become a Laureate of all-Ukrainian premium “Medical Pride of the Nation” this year.

He is married and has two sons.



Previous top winners - sonographers

Susan Byers 
18 solved cases, USA


Susan always has a very humble introduction to her answers: "I wonder if it could represent..." then she goes on to provide the correct diagnosis. We very much enjoy her sweet comments too :)


Bethany Boyette 
17 solved cases, USA

Bethany also attended our Fetal Echo course, twice in fact!

She wrote us: "I'm employed by a wonderful MFM office located in the southern coastal region of North Carolina. I work with great MFM physicians, NPs, Sonographers and office staff.
I reside in a small beautiful eastern North Carolina coastal community of Emerald Isle.
I have a Siberian Husky named Carolina, a solid 25 lb Maine Coon cat named Gideon and three wonderful rescue cats named Tanna, Krisi and Kenzie. I enjoy walking and running with Carolina and snuggling with my felines!
I am forever grateful to Dr. Jeanty and his colleagues for The wealth of information provided by the website is an invaluable tool. I reference the source frequently and often find my answer! The website has taught me a great deal. I enjoy the educational challenge of solving cases."

Thank you Bethany and congratulations to your success in our competition!

Amy Zdansky
17 solved cases, USA

Amy has been a registered sonographer in OB/Gyn and Vascular since 2001. Her 12 year work history has been mostly in Perinatology. She enjoys learning and research.

This is for the third time Amy is among winners in this category.


Laurie Briare 
14 solved cases, USA

Laurie is also a veteran solver (2001) and she contributed cases in the very early part. 


Dianna Heidinger 
13 solved cases, USA

Dianna works as a perinatal sonographer living in Las Vegas. She is also a veteran solver all the way to 1999 and early contributor!



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