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2014-12-07-09 Winners of the case of the week for 2014 - Winners' list © Jeanty

Winners of the case of the week for 2014 - Winners' list
This is the 16th year that we are posting the list of winners. Overall 371 participants found at least one correct answer for our cases of the week this year. Many more people just looked and tried to solve our cases from time to time. Congratulations to all successful solvers! I would also like to thank all of those who had the generosity of their time to share their cases; would not be able to continue without those. 
Particular thanks, as always goes to Moshe Bronshtein, Philippe Deblieck, Fabrice Cuillier, Emmanuel Julien and all those who send us their difficult cases used as cases of the week. 
We thank to all our solvers for their answers and their brilliant deductions. Our special admiration belongs to Javier Cortejoso whose answers are so detailed and comprehensive that every of his answer could be used as a chapter on the subject!.
We would also like to thank to Dr. Sheila Unger, an expert on skeletal dysplasias, for her critical remarks regarding some cases of skeletal dysplasias published on website. Dr. Sheila Unger is a member of Division of Molecular Pediatrics in the Department of Pediatrics of the University Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland. She is co-author of the last “Nosology and Classification of Genetic Skeletal Disorders: 2010 Revision”. We really appreciate her checking and correcting some of the cases we see.
We took into account her disagreement with the diagnosis of the Schneckenbecken dysplasia used as the COW 380. As the diagnosis was established on clinical - radiology ground and not molecular we will follow her suggestion and withdraw it and case 380 will not be included to our competition.
P.S. In case we forgot to include your winning entry, please do remind us (send the E-mail). You will not offend us at all!
Philippe & Franti


Top first time winners - physicians

Federico Badano 
22 solved cases, Argentina


Federico is our top winner this year, and he is looking for an opportunity to come study in the US, so anyone with a good opportunity for him to learn, let us know!


Koroush Shahsavan
22 solved cases, Iran


Koroush is 42 years old and works in his private clinic in a small town - Bojnord in Iran.

He is a hard worker and is single. He lives with his parents (his father is 92 years old, mother is 79 years old). He loves his family, country and his work. Although he is very busy in his office, he always finds a little time for our cases. This year was very successful for him and his 22 correct answers put him among the winners.

I am also very happy to see physicians from Iran joining in the group. It was not too long ago that to send DVD to Iran we had to send those first to the UK and have them forwarded. 

Congratulations and welcome to the group!

Thomas von Ostrowski
21 solved cases, Germany

Thomas is 40 years old and he lives in Dorsten, a city in metropolitan area of the "Ruhr valley". He has been involved in fetomaternal medicine since 2002 and in 2011 he had become head of the field in the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Prenatal Medicine in Dorsten.


His hobbies are his children and although they take lot of his free time, he was able to find little time for our cases. Thomas always sends us very short and precise answers!



Dmitriy Doroshenko
18 solved cases, Russia

Dmitriy  also sends us very short (and correct :) answers!


 Marianovella Narcisi 
18 solved cases, Italy


Novella (as friends usually call her) is 42-year old (yes, unbelievable when looking at the young face on the photo). She is a gynecologist living in Rome with her husband and 6-year old daughter.

Besides her family and work she found little time for our cases and this year she has classified among our top solvers in this category.


 Mohamed Mohsen Elnamoury
16 solved cases, Egypt


Mohamed is an assistant lecturer at Tanta University Hospital, Egypt. He likes travelling, reading, and ultrasonography also belongs among his hobbies.


 Almira Kamalowa
16 solved cases, Russia


Almira has devoted herself to prenatal diagnostics for 21 years and has been working as a sonologist in regional perinataI center in Sterlitamak Bashkortostan Republic of the Russian Federation for 12 years.

She loves her job and continuous study. She is married, has two adult children and two grandchildren.

This year she managed to find correct answer for 16 of our cases. Congratulations!

 Lusine Karapetyan
16 solved cases, Russia


Lusine is an obstetrician, gynecologist, and sonologist working in perinatal center of Moscow city, clinical hospital №70.

She likes swimming, reading, and shopping. She is among our quick responders with very accurate answers.


Lusine with me during my staying in Moscow.

 Deval Harsukh Shah
16 solved cases, India


Deval is 37 years old. He works together with his wife, who is also gynecologist, at Astha hospital Deesa, Gujarat, India. They have two daughters and one son. Deval likes sports, especially badminton.

Solving of our cases also belongs to his hobbies. This year he had sent us 16 correct answers and qualified himself to be among the winners.


Ludmila Melnikova
16 solved cases, Russia
Anna Konstantinovna Meshkova
15 solved cases, Russia

Not only Anna has answered many cases but one of her case was case of the week in the late spring. I happened to be in a course organized by Michael Medvedev in Moscow when her case was presented so I had the opportunity to meet her. During a talk I was showing an old case of transposition diagnosed in 1982 and i asked: "How many of you were not yet born in 1982?" and she and 16 other physician raised their hands! So we took a picture of Grandpa PJ and his young students!

Anna likes to bake cookies with her adorable son and she fishes with her husband great big fishes. A great family!


Andrea Vašková
15 solved cases, Slovak Republic


Andrea works at Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology of the Faculty Hospital of J. A. Reiman, Prešov, Slovak Republic. She also works in private prenatal center.

Although her answers usually come just before deadline, she usually finds correct answer at the first attempt.



Top first time winners - sonographers


Jayachandran Raju

15 solved cases, India


Jayachandran is from Madurai (South India). He did his master's degree in zoology and advance biotechnology. He graduated in certificate program in Diagnostic Medical Sonography of Medall Medical Academy, Chennai, India. He has been working in Precision Diagnostics, Medall Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. company for last two years.


Leticia Ramos Schoonover
15 solved cases, USA


Leti is a 2002 graduate of Oregon Tech with a Bachelor's of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. She is registered in Abdomen, Obstetrics/Gynecology and Fetal Echocardiography. She joined Northwest Perinatal Center in 2004, where she is the Clinical Instructor for OIT ultrasound students.

Leti is married with two children. She loves shopping, reading, spending time with family and friends, vacations and running.


Congratulations to her 15 solved cases!

Sara E. Davis 
13 solved cases, USA


Sara's answers are always very spontaneous and one can easily feel her happiness (or frustration :() with our responses. Some of her responses crack me up as I read them!

Sara is a 2008 graduate of Loma Linda University in southern California.  She is registered in Ob/Gyn, Fetal Echo, Abdomen, Breast and she is a registered RVT. She began her perinatal career at Desert Perinatal Associates in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After the birth of her first child in 2013, her family relocated to Portland, Oregon where she joined Northwest Perinatal Center. She is the clinical instructor for 2nd year residents at OSHU.

Sara is married and a proud mommy to two beautiful girls, Lucy (23mo) and Hazel (5mo).


 Kathy O'Keefe
10 solved cases, USA

Kathy is employed at Northwest Perinatal Center and lives in Portland. She is registered in ob/gyn and fetal echocardiography.

Although Kathy usually introduces her responses as: "Here are my guesses:...", these are really not guesses, but well though answers. She got the abnormal Tei Index on the first answer, something few managed.


Selvakumar Balaraman
9 solved cases, India


Selvakumar Balaraman lives and works in Chennai, India. He is alumnus of Medall Medical Academy.

He wrote us: "A rock can be turned into a beautiful sculpture only by the sculptor. Dr. Bobji Kettay and Dr. Bharathi Y. Dhala are those sculptors, senior Radiologists in Medall healthcare, who turned me into a sonographer".

He is active ARDMS registrant.

He likes reading of novels and watching of romantic movies.

This year he managed to solve 9 of our cases. Congratulations!

Carrie Mills
9 solved cases, USA

Carrie is 39 years old and after serving four years in the Air Force she went back to school and graduated with a B.S. in DMS from Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  

She has been doing ultrasound for 14 years and MFM for about 11 of those years. She is registered in OB/Gyn, Abdomen, and Fetal Echo and currently works for The Vancouver Clinic MFM dept. In Vancouver, Wa.

She is married, has two kids (7 years and 19 years old), and 1 pug :)

Anu Chitra
7 solved cases, India



Top first time winners - students

Shyamala Ramesh
7 solved cases, India

Shyamala is a second year student of ob/gyn ultrasound at Mediscan Systems, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Her guide and inspiration are Dr. Ramesh (her father), Dr. Suresh S., and Dr. Indrani Suresh, who have established fetal medicine in India.

Her main areas of interest are first trimester ultrasound, ultrasonography of posterior fossa structures of the brain and fetal heart.

To see young people solving our cases is always a pleasure, and of course with Suresh she has a wonderful teacher. Congratulations to your 7 solved cases Shyamala!

Jody Taylor
4 solved cases, New Zealand

After graduating with a bachelor of medical imaging, Jody began her sonography training in 2012 at Gisborne hospital on the East Coast of New Zealand.

Jody has just completed her postgraduate diploma in medical ultrasound.


Megan M. Cook
3 solved cases, USA

Megan is a senior college student at Oregon Institute of Technology in both Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Allied Health Management. She has performed 6 months of clinical externship for ultrasound at NW Perinatal and will perform another 6 months at Fairchild Medical Center. She has ambitions to become an imaging department lead and to one day publish a journal of sonographic cases.


Previous top winners - physicians

Javier Cortejoso
24 solved cases, Spain

Javier is an amazing guy whose answers are so detailed and comprehensive that every of his answer could be used as a chapter on the subject! He has a wonderful sense of observation and he research each case beautifully. I often wonder what it is like to be his patient! Not surprisingly he is an absolute winner of this category.

He wrote us:
“I am a Spanish ob/gyn focused on ob/gyn ultrasound and Fetal Medicine. I am married to an Ophthalmologist and I have two wonderful children whose professions are unrelated to health services. I work at a University Hospital that holds approximately 1,500 births per year, and at a private clinic. Although the Spanish Public Health System hardly appreciates the effort and capacity of its professionals, I regularly follow the COW of Thanks to this website I can further my research and get to know some rare pathologies that I would not see never given its low incidence. I like studying each particular case, with the hopes of being able to identify that pathology in case something similar would appear in my clinical practice. I feel that when I finish a case I have a deep knowledge on the subject. As Ralph Waldo Emerson affirmed, I believe that ‘People only see what they are prepared to see.’ Finally, I love reading your ‘Excellent!!!’ every two weeks… Thank you for giving me this opportunity!”



Albana Cerekja 
24 solved cases, Italy

Albana works in an ultrasound department in Rome. Her loves are her family and her job. Albana and her husband also have kindly done the translation in Italian of the Fetal Echo DVD. She has a 15 years old daughter (the picture, Not Albana, nice trick kiddo!) who shares a birthday with PJ, that is doing her best now to become an excellent doctor in the future.


 Philippe Deblieck 
24 solved cases, Germany


Philippe is a longtime experienced solver of our cases. He also sends us interesting cases from his practice. His answers are very accurate and often enriched by some humorous remarks which are always pleasant to read.

When my sonographer find me grinning in front of my screen there is a good chance I am re-reading one of his witticism !


Christa Faschingbauer
24 solved cases, Germany


Not surprisingly, Christa is among the winners again. Her quick and accurate answers have become a trademark of her name. This is the eleventh year of her domination among the winners. This is an amazing dedication that testifies of her determination and skills


Florian Faschingbauer
24 solved cases, Germany


Florian is our long time solver and this year he has qualified himself among the best solvers of this strong group.

He is the head of the Prenatal department at the University of Erlangen.

Whatever the controversy about "Nature versus Nurture", Christa can get credit both ways!



Emmanuel Julien 
24 solved cases, France



Emmanuel is one of our most dedicated solvers. His long time experience with congenital anomalies is background of his repeated success to be among the top winners again. Look him up to see how far back he has been listed. Emmanuel is also a painter!


Seerat Malhotra
24 solved cases, Oman

Seerat was briefly my visitor, a brilliant woman!


Mayank Chowdhury
23 solved cases, India


Mayank has been our solver for many years. He is thankful to Mediscan Chennai, where has been trained, especially to prof. Dr. S. Suresh and Dr. Indrani Suresh for guiding and supporting him.

Mayank is 42, married and has 
two sons who support him. He is a head of Fetal Medicine Department at Mayflower Women Hospital, Ahmedabad, India. 


His special interests are twin pregnancy, early pregnancy, and dysmorphology. He likes listening to Hindi songs and reading books.


Andres Arencibia Molina
23 solved cases, Spain


Andres is obstetrician and gynecologist working in Maternity Hospital in Gran Canaria with 6,000 births per year. He has two children (son and daughter), and he likes playing football, collection of old obstetrical books, listening to jazz music and working in garden. 

This year he managed to solve 23 of our cases.


Nickolay Petrovich Veropotvelyan
23 solved cases, Ukraine


In spite of the turmoil, Nickolay (and many of the Ukrainian doctors) have been able to send a remarkable number of correct responses. They have all our admiration.



Previous top winners - sonographers

 Dianna Heidinger 
18 solved cases, USA

Another wonderful person with dedication, perseverance and knowledge! Dianna has been on the winners' list since 1999!


Bethany Boyette 
12 solved cases, USA

Bethany's emails are also very spontaneous and it is almost like a conversation with her. She came twice to the Fetal Echo course and has been for 6 years among the winners !


 Padmanaban Koochu Govindaraju
11 solved cases, India

Padmanaban was trained in Medall Healthcare, Chennai, India. He is active registrant of ARDMS and currently works in NHS Trust Hospital in England.


 Vijayalakshmi Meenakshi Sundaram
10 solved cases, India


Patty Berkhout
7 solved cases, Netherlands

Another short but accurate answer correspondent!

Patty works in 
Kennemer Gasthuis hospital in Haarlem (Netherlands). She started her ob/gyn sonographer's career in 1998. She is 56 years old and has three children and a grandson.


Laurie Briare

7 solved cases, USA

Laurie is another long time solver: 8 years already!



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