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2015-09-27  Jejuno-Ileal Atresia  © Lilit Hovsepyan

Jejuno-Ileal Atresia

Case report

A 20 year-old woman (G1P0) was sent to our hospital due to polyhydramnios.
Diagnosis of gestational diabetes was made as a result of routine laboratory test.

We performed an ultrasound examination at 33 weeks of pregnancy and found macrosomia (3.800 gr), polyhydramnios and dilated bowel loops with normal anus.
The diagnosis of intestinal atresia was suspected.

The newborn was delivered spontaneusly 
(3.850 gr.) one week later and the prenatal diagnosis of Jejuno-Ileal Atresia was confirmed.


The baby was operated and a resection of a large portion of small bowel (from the distal part of the duodenum to distal ileum) was made.

Now, the condition of the baby is good and he is being fed enterally.

Images 1, 2: 2D gray-scale images show macrosomia and normal fetal anus.


Images 3, 4 and Videos 1, 2: 2D gray-scale images and videos show dilated proximal and distal bowel loops suggestive of atresia of a large intestinal segment.

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