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Articles » Multiple gestations » Twin reversed arterial perfusion syndrome
2016-03-07  Twin reversed arterial perfusion syndrome  © Anna Meshkova

Twin reversed arterial perfusion syndrome
Anna Meshkova, MD.
Yaroslavl Regional Perinatal Center, Yaroslavl, Russia.

Case report

Following images show a case of acardiac twin pregnancy that was seen in our department at 20-21 weeks of pregnancy.  
Pregnancy was carried out under realtime and the Doppler evaluation was always normal: the fetus did not show any signs of cardiac failure. Gestation proceeded without complications.
The neonate delivered vaginally at 40-41 weeks  (weight 3600 g, 50 cm), Apgar scores 9\9.

Image  1: 2D image of the acardiac twin at 21-22 weeks of gestational age.

Images 2-5: 2D, 3D and doppler images of the acardiac twin at 28-29 weeks of pregnancy. 


Image 7:
 Postnatal histogram of acardius amorphous twin.

Videos 1, 2 and 3:2D and doppler images showing the relation between the normal and acardiac twin.


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