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2018-12-17  Winners of the case of the week for 2016 - Winners' list  ©

Winners of the case of the week for 2018 - Winners' list

This is the 18th year that we are posting the list of winners. Overall 390 participants found at least one correct answer for our cases of the week this year. Many more people just looked and tried to solve our cases from time to time. Congratulations to all successful solvers! I would also like to thank all of those who had the generosity of their time to share their cases; would not be able to continue without those. 
Particular thanks, as always goes to Moshe Bronshtein, Fabrice Cuillier, Emmanuel Julien, Lilit Hovsepyan, Lusine Karapetyan, Sameh Abdel Latif Abdel Salam, Islam Badr and all those who send us their difficult cases used as cases of the week. Also a great thanks to all those who are contributing their expertise to Community in Google. That community, started as an experiment to try to foster two-way communications that I felt was missing in has grown to become a great learning and support experience. Moshe, Azer, Koroush, Lilit, Peter, Lusine and many others have really done a great job there too! 

Another area that makes me happy, is the communications with countries that were not very much represented in previous years on the site. Many new participants from Azerbejian, Armenia, Iran, Russia and other countries. I hope that one day, we will finally see more from Africa, still an area that we do not reach very much. Exchanges of ideas always benefit everyone and it is very heart warming for an old dinosaur like me, to hear the enthusiasm of the young generation! Many are my "successful little metastasis of knowledge"! 

I am also thankful to my two great coworkers: Federico and Franti.  Federico is almost unbeatable in his speed to answer the emails (the only time I get before him is when I am traveling in Asia and he is sleeping. He also has such a great personality that I am fortunate to work with him. Franti, although now more busy, still volunteer his time and expertise which is so appreciated. Together we will run a Outreach course in Myanmar in a few weeks!
We thank all our solvers for their answers, funny comments (you know who you are :) )  and their brilliant deductions. 
P.S. In case we forgot to include your winning entry, please do remind us (send the E-mail). You will not offend us at all!
Philippe, Franti & Federico


Top first time winners - physicians

Nigar Gadirova
25 solved cases, Azerbaijan


Nigar is our top winner this year, with 25 cases solved!!

She was born and lives in Baku (Azerbaijan).
Since 2004 she has been working as a radiologist in Clinical Medical Center (KTM) in the department of obstetric and gynecology. And at the same time she is working in the private clinic Avrasiya.

She likes detailed examination of different fetal pathologies, especially of the heart and brain. In her private time she likes to travel and read.


Aynur Garibova
25 solved cases, Azerbaijan


Another top winner with 25 cases solved!!

Aynur is 38-year old, married and has 2 children.

She has been working as a radiologist for more than 10 years in many private clinics in Baku. Now  she is working in Ganja International Hospital. As a radiologist, she is doing fetal exams.
Her teacher is Azer Farajov, founder of fetal research in Azerbaijan.
She likes to listen music and read poetry.




Elxan Sirinov

25 solved cases, Azerbaijan

Elxan is a radiologist. He works in a central regional hospital.
He wants to thank to his teacher, Azer Farajov and TheFetusNet.


Cem Yasar Sanhal
24 solved cases, Turkey


Cem is 36-year old and he is graduated from Hacettepe University and completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology in Ege University.

From 2011 to 2014, he worked as a perinatology fellow in Akdeniz University, which is his home town in Antalya. Currently, he is working as a perinatology specialist in Ankara.

He is married and has a daughter: Ela, 7 years old. He want to thank to his wife Ebru and his family, for their huge support,  He is a huge fan of Fenerbahçe Sport Club and he  watch every football-basketball games he can. 
His hobbies are eating good food, particularly with friends, and his biggest addiction, of course, is TheFetus.Net.
And finally he also wants to thank to Prof. Inanc Mendilcioglu, for not only being a very skillful teacher but also behaving as a real brother.


Tamara Nagoeva
23 solved cases, Russia


Tamara works in a perinatal center at the hospital #29 and in a private Center of Inmunology and reproduction in Moscow. 
She has been working in prenatal diagnosis for only 2 years! (I wish I knew that much when I was a 2 year old fellow!!)

She wants to thank to Evstigneeva Margarita Konstantinovna who introduced her to TheFetus site. Also she wants to thank to TheFetus Team specially Philippe for his great work, attention and a big good heart, and to all the participants of the site.

Tamara also
reminded me of a pearl from our common friend and teacher, Misha Medvedev that it is : "scary to become a craftsman and do the same all the time: one needs to keep learning".


Karine Tokhunts
24 solved cases, Armenia


Karine sends us very short (and correct :) answers!
Her CV is impressive! She is a present member of many societies in Armenia like Board of Trustees of the charity fund Aragil, founder and president of Armenian Association of Ultrasound diagnosis in Obstetrics and Ginecology member of ISUOG, Vice-President of the Armenian Association of Reproductive Medicine and go on!
Also she is always involved in the organization of many courses in her country and she is a really good chief!


Lilit Hovsepyan
23 solved cases, Armenia


Lilit lives in Yerevan, Armenia and works as obstetrician and gynaecologist in the largest Medical Centre of Armenia- Erebouni Medical Centre, since 1998.

Five years ago she started to practice ultrasound too and since then she is the secretary of the Armenian Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 
Four years ago she became a "Gynecological Oncology" team member in Armenia and since then she also started to practice gynecological ultrasound in oncology, with full staging of gynecological cancer.
She would like to extend her gratitude to Daniella Fisherova and Antonia Testa for their support and commitment that have helped her to gain confidence in this field of ultrasound. 

¨I am also blessed to have the support of my family- my husband and my two daughters, and I am thankful for the opportunities that I have had by living in Armenia and working in Erebouni Medical Centre.¨


Elnara Sardarova
23 solved cases, Azerbaijan


Elnara has been working as an ultrasound specialist for ten years in Absheron Region Central Hospital, focused in fetal ultrasound. She is a member of ISUOG.
She is married and has two children, daughter and son.
She enjoys studying and learning about her profession. 



Halil Mesut

22 solved cases, Turkey

Halil works in a private hospital as a Radiologist in İstanbul.
He started to get interested 
in fetal ultrasonography in recent years. He said: fortunately  I discovered “TheFetus.Net” and “TheFetus Community”, thanks to his dear friend Azer Farajov.

He wants to thank his wife Sabahat and his daughter Peren for their understanding and support.


Olga N. Ivanitskaya
21 solved cases, Russia


¨I'm very excited to be among the winners of TheFetus. I started as an obstetrician but 3 years ago I fell in love with ultrasound prenatal diagnosis and now I'm dealing with different fetal anomalies including genetic syndromes. It is my great luck and huge happiness to work at Moscow Regional Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology with amazing specialists, cheerful people and simply beautifull women - Elena Andreeva and Natalia Odegova. 
My work requires me a lot of efforts and time even at home but fortunately my hobby is making pastry and baking. That's why my husband is still with me) I love him and two my chinchillas and very grateful to all of them for supporting me!¨

Olga is really an expert in chinchillas, even their genetics!! I was impressed when I once asked her a "simple question" and got a whole treatise on the subject! I love passionate experts !

Gumral Garayeva
20 solved cases, Azerbaijan


Gumral is a radiologist . 
She is interested in prenatal diagnosis. 
She works in a private hospital in Baku , Azerbaijan. 
She is married and has 2 children. 



Top first time winners - sonographers

Elizabeth Darnell
11 solved cases, USA


Elizabeth has been working in ultrasound for many years, initially in a community hospital setting as a clinical instructor and later serving as the lead sonographer.

Following the birth of her triplets she developed a heightened interest in obstetrics and a desire to pursue training in specialized fetal studies. 
An opportunity to work with Northwest Perinatal Center in Portland, Oregon allowed her to follow her dream and obtain credentialing in fetal echocardiography.  She also received certification in first trimester screening and cervical length.  She supervised a rapidly growing, multicenter ultrasound program, obtaining accreditation with the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine and organizing education opportunities for clinicians and staff.  After learning of a position for a perinatal sonographer in Kalispell, MT with Montana Perinatal Center, she decided to take a step back and return to what she loves most – scanning those babies! She has to been able to get her new department accredited with AIUM and she is enjoying the smaller office atmosphere.


Wendy Washam
9 solved cases, USA


Xuan Lan Nguyen
8 solved cases, Vietnam


Xuan Lan is 34-years married, and has two daughters.
She lives in Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam and  
works at Imaging diagnostic department , Tu Du hospital.
Anna Aleksandrova
6 solved cases, Russia

Meredith Fresquez
6 solved cases, USA 


Meredith has been a perinatal sonographer since 1993 and an educator for 20 years. 
She has had the privilege to teach nurses, midwives, residents and MFM fellows basic ultrasound.  She finds ultrasound to be always challenging.

Efrat Saperstein
6 solved cases, Israel

Top winners - students

Shyamala Ramesh
1 solved case, India



Previous top winners - physicians

Philippe Deblieck
25 solved cases, Germany


Philippe wrote to us:
¨I am grateful to all colleagues across continents completing month after month the unvaluable information of the this era of globalized medicine it has become the biggest data bank in the domain of  ultrasound imaging of fetal diseases and abnormalities. I would appreciate the same energy invested in collecting information to help and counsel the prospective parents, the most difficult part of our job.¨

This is a great idea... Counseling however varies a lot with local environment and philosophies, but surely we could post the typical counseling anyone is using and that could be the basis to use for those without that information available.

Philippe is also a great friend and I enjoy his personal emails very much !


Azer Farajov
25 solved cases, Azerbaijan



Azer is 39-year old radiologist fully focused on fetal imaging.
He lives in Baku and works in Oxygen Clinic Hospital.
Also he gives lectures in Advanced Training Institute of Doctors.
He is married and has three children. I wanna to thanks my wife for her supports.

Azer impressed me when he solved some of my cases in just minutes!! what a bright mind!



Christa Faschingbauer 
25 solved cases, Germany


Christa is among the winners again.
Her quick and accurate answers have become a trademark of her name. 
She has definitely the highest total number of cases solved in the history of the website!!! 
Christa has solved 321 cases out of about 360, since she joined in 2003!!
This is an amazing dedication that testifies of her determination and skills.

Someone better talk with her to create an Artificial intelligence program for prenatal diagnosis.


Anette Reuss
25 solved cases, Germany

Annette lives in Germany and works in a clinic for prenatal diagnosis ’Praxis Central’ in Essen, Germany and one day per week in a university hospital in the Netherlands. 

She has been in the field of fetal medicine and prenatal diagnosis for over 30 years, and as I was reorganizing my bookcase, I found her Thesis in it!


Koroush Shahsavan
25 solved cases, Iran


Koroush is another of our friend and he is among the winners this year again.
He shares beatiful images an interesting cases with us.
This year I had the pleasure to meet Koroush in Iran and it was an honor!
Koroush is hypermeticulous and when I asked him his hobby, he said: go home and read what is new on community!

He has been interested in horse breeding but Koroush is so dedicated with his job that  in fact, he has not enough time even for sleep : )


Margarita Evstigneeva 

24 solved cases, Russia


Margarita wrote:
¨Per aspera ad astra*.
 In the professional development should never stop! And 
your site really helps for this . I live and work in Moscow. I love my family, profession, history, travel. Thank you very much to you and all colleagues for the opportunity to improve.¨


*for those who didn't suffer through Latin classes in school, this mean, "through rough times, to the stars"

Andres Arencibia Molina
24 solved cases, Spain


Andrés wrote:

¨My activity is maternal fetal medicine. Each COW of TheFetus is a challenge for me, and the goal is to get an Excellent!!!. My hobbies are farming and watching the football matches of my favourite  teamThanks!¨


Gulten Rafibeyli

24 solved cases, Azerbaijan





Tibor Kovacs
23 solved cases, Romania


Tibor gave us some famous quotes that helps him to find the correct answers! 

If you don't know what the image shows you should think:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”  Albert Einstein
If you know how little you know about the organ or part of body that appears in the image, then you need to learn more about this chapter:
To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.”  Confucius
If you want to understand the malformation you must know embriology:
“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” Albert Einstein

Nice Tibor!!!
He dedicates his success to his family!


Javier Cortejoso
22 solved cases, Spain


Javier is famous for his EXCELLENT answers!!!!  He wrote to us:

¨I work at a University Hospital belonging to the Spanish Public Health System. In the evenings I work at a private clinic, most of the time performing obstetric-gynecologic ultrasound. In Spain, these ultrasounds are performed by doctors who are specialized in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.  Our basic training is not radiological. 

Concerning my free time, my hobbies are sharing time with my family, travelling, listening to classical music and, of course surfing across The I love getting an Excellent!!! every other week and that my answers are published from time to time on the website. I also enjoy being once more time in the list of winners of the year. This feedback gives me the satisfaction and professional recognition that is not achieved on many occasions.

Javier's answer really should serve as a model for the young physicians. he has a very analytical method and a keen eye, both qualities that should be emulated. 

Mayank Chowdhury
22 solved cases, India


He is among the winners one more year!!!
He works at Mayflower Women's Hospital Ahmedabad,Gujarat,INDIA and he is the head of the Fetal Medicine Department.
He wants to thank to his co-consultant and director Dr. Sanjay Patel, Dr. yogendra Zala, Dr. Jaya Patel,Dr Meena Zala and many more.
In particular  his mentors Prof. Dr. S. Suresh, Dr. Indrani Suresh and to Mediscan Chennai.
He enjoys to spend time with his family and his new hobby is outdoor cycling. Also he likes reading books and listening songs.


Nikolay Pretrovich Veropotvelyan
22 solved cases, Ukraine


Nickolay is the Director of the Multiregional Medical Genetics and Prenatal Diagnostics centre ( Kryvyi Rih,Ukraine) and Vice-President of the Perinatal Medicine Ukrainian Association;
He was included in "Top-100 in Medicine", according the Ukraine National ranking of the  doctors of different specializations.
He is interested in genetics, maternal-fetal and reproductive medicine, especially in ultrasound and interventional prenatal diagnostics and Fetal therapy and surgery. He is married and has two nice sons.


Alexandra Piganova
21 solved cases


Alexandra is a long time solver.
She moved to Germany with his family and she is focused trying to in get her medical diploma and language learning, as well as she is helping her children adapt to the new country.
In her free time she decides to solve cases on 
the TheFetus.


Sameh Abdel Latif Abdel Salam
21 solved cases, Egypt


Sameh is 30-years, and he has been married for about one year.
He works as an assistant lecturer in radiology department Cairo University and performed a 6 months fellowship in Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation to study the role of different imaging modalities in congenital heart diseases. 
He is focused in perinatal and pediatric echocardiography for congenital heart diseases. He works with Dr. Islam Badr, and they are always sending interesting and well documented cases.


I met Sameh and Islam during a course in Egypt this year, and what a privilege to see such enthusiatic young mind at work !


Previous top winners - sonographers

Anette Beverdam
21 solved cases, Netherlands


Annette wrote to us:
¨Next year it will be 30 years that I started as an all around sonographer (cardiology, radiology and gynecology/obstetrics). The last twenty years I only make ultrasounds in obstetrics/gynecology."
My main acticity (for seven years) is working in the Radboud university medical center, Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy. I also work in a peripheral hospital, Ziekenhuis Groep Twente, located in Almelo. Furthermore I teach sonographers, and I also teach students at the Academy for midwifes in Maastricht. My goal for next year is to educate a group of professionals in a hospital in Malawi (last year I was in Namibia) and of course, again solving the cases on your site.¨
She wants to dedicate her success to her family!


Leticia Ramos Schoonover
17 solved cases, USA


Leti lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Travis and their two small kids.  In their free time they love to travel and spend time with extended family.


Dianna Heidinger
15 solved cases, USA


Dianna is a long time solver.  This year she ran a 10K and got her first ferret.

She solved 15 of our cases this year!



Kathy O´Keefe
12 solved cases, USA



Kathy works at northwest perinatal center in Portland, Oregon. 
She is credentialed in fetal echo and OB-GYN. 
She says ¨I'm stupidly addicted to trying to solve each case of the week.¨

Kathy cracks me up with her answers, mostly when she gets the correct answer in which case her juvenile enthusiams is boundless, and when she miss and then she is the personification of Snoopy loosing a tennis match. Great funny personality !


Laurie Briare
11 solved cases, USA


Bridget Sparks

11 solved cases, New Zealand


Bridget wrote to us:


¨Aldous Huxley wrote "The more you know, the more you see". I believe this is particularly true to ultrasound. has taught me so much in the last two and a half years. Through I have learnt more and as a result I see more. I wish I found it earlier in my career.¨
She works with her small team of 5 sonographers on the East Coast of New Zealand. 


Patty Berkhout
8 solved cases, Netherlands


Patty has been workin as a sonographer for 18 years in a hospital in Haarlem. She likes to try to solve the case of the week because she can always learn something new. 
She has 3 children and a fine grandson.


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