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2017-12-10  Winners of the case of the week for 2017 - Winners' list  ©

Winners of the case of the week for 2017 - Winners' list
This is the 19th year that we are posting the list of winners. Overall 350 participants found at least one correct answer for our cases of the week this year. Many more people just looked and tried to solve our cases from time to time. Congratulations to all successful solvers! I would also like to thank all of those who had the generosity of their time to share their cases; would not be able to continue without those. 

This year aside of all those we usually congratulate for their efforts in answering the cases or providing them, and for all those who have made significant contributions to the Community (Azer, Alok, Rachna, Hector, Lech, Lilit, Emmanuel, Peter. and so many others). Also there is a truly impressive showing from the Azerbajani community this year !

Yet, there are 2 more persons that I would like to personally extend my gratitude:

Federico Badano and Moshe Bronstein

Federico has covered all the work of preparing the cases for (chasing information from authors, correcting English, translating from time to time, editing all the pictures and videos, posting the cases and answering the great bulk of the emails.) The position of Federico has been sponsored by a generous grant from SonoWorld.

At some point because of changes in banking regulation transferring his honorarium each month became tenuous and I worried I was not going to be able to pay him in time. When I mentioned that to him he replied with his usual humor: "Don’t worry, I will search for nutritious leaves in the forest near me!", Well it was very funny but still not what I was hoping. Things actually turned much worst, when I got note that SonoWorld was not longer going to be able to support his grant! I immediately informed him and I expected he would say "Thank you" and "Good bye". Not at all: Federico offered to work for free and has been doing ever since.

Federico is a young guy who has to develop his practice and his generosity in providing all this work is truly impressive. I had offered that we put a banner on the site to raise money for him but he even declined that. So, all of you who have rich friends or have a little extra money please click on the DONATION button on with the word Fede in the note line and it will all go to him. Thank you to Federico and all who will support him (incidentally for all those in the USA, is a 501c corporation, thus all donations are tax-deductible!)

Federico teaching in Yangon
The second hero I want to recognize is Moshe Bronstein. Over the decades that Moshe has done ultrasound he has produced seminal papers, well-recognized books and is certainly seen as the earliest and most eloquent proponent of early anatomical scanning. Moshe insatiable curiosity and expert eye and his dedication to teaching have made him a favorite teacher. So often when I travel I am approached by someone who tells me she/he has studied with him and express her/his admiration for him. As Community has developed, Moshe has been one of the pilar and leaders to answer myriads of questions. His responses are always sough as that of the Guru. His quiz are smart and educational. Thank you Moshe for all your dedicated work!

We thank all our solvers for their answers, funny comments (you know who you are :) )  and their brilliant deductions. 
P.S. In case we forgot to include your winning entry, please do remind us (send the E-mail). You will not offend us at all!
Philippe, Franti & Federico



Top first time winners - physicians

Lala Huseynova
23 solved cases, Azerbaijan


Lala is our top first time winner this year!!

Lala is radiologist and she works in a OKI Clinic in Qusar, a small district in the north of Azerbaijan.

She likes her profession very much and to exam fetuses.

¨If you ask me what can be better than fetus? I wouldn't hesitate to answer, that two fetuses better than one))).¨

I am glad to having teacher like you and Azer Farajov. Finally I want to thank Fede for his patience))).

(You will notice many pupils of Azer!)


Afaq Aslanova
22 solved cases, Azerbaijan


Afaq was born in Lachin (Azerbaijan) and she is living in Baku.
She is 39 and mother of a sweet daughter and a handsome boy :). 
Since 2001 she has been working as a radiologist in several Clinics in Baku. Currently she works in Turan Clinic as radiologist, mainly focused in fetal medicine. 
She is interested in detailed examination of different fetal pathologies, especially in fetal heart. 

She is very proud to be a part of fetal medicine community, and wants to thanks to Azer Farajov for his mentorship.



Aygun Guliyeva
21 solved cases, Azerbaijan


Aygun works in a private clinic in Baku, Azerbaijan. She is married and has 2 children. She also wants to thanks to her teacher Azer Farajov.


Elnara Bagirova
20 solved cases, Azerbaijan


Elnara is from Baku . She is a radiologist  and she has been working at the Medican Hospital Lenkeran for the last 3 years.

¨I love my job and especially fetal ultrasound . I love nature and reading books. Great thanks to my teacher Azer Ferec¨ 


Humara Aliyeva
19 solved cases, Azerbaijan


Xumara Aliyeva is from Baku. She is a radiologist working  in private  clinic.
She loves her profession very much. 


Fabien Ho
19 solved cases, Reunion Island


Fabien is a radiology resident, currently in his last year of training.

¨I underwent through most of my medical training in Bordeaux, France, but also partly in Reunion Island, which is a French southern territory, since both have teaching university hospitals. I fell into prenatal imaging since the beginning of my radiology residency.
I want to thanks to Dr Fabrice Cuillier, who introduced me to this website, and who’s been a great prime mentor in this field.¨

He also wants to thank to 
Dr. Balu, Dr. Molho, Dr. Cherier, Dr. Maugey-Laulom and Prof. Chateil.

Fabien has also been instumental in helping Fabrice Cuiller many papers: a great mutual benefit!


Yogesh Chinnawar
19 solved cases, India


Yogesh is 34-year-old and he has been a consultant radiologist and sonologist in Umarkhed, Maharashtra India, for the last 9 years.
He is focused in fetal medicine and he is always answering our case of the week.


Olga Petrenko
17 solved cases, Ukraine

¨Thank you for the opportunity to learn and apply this knowledge in my work.¨

She has a wonderful granddaughter and now she is waiting for the birth of her grandson. 

¨Time is sorely lacking, but solving your cases is always a priority.¨

Well done Olga!!!


Kirill Suprutskii
17 solved cases, Russia



Kirill is 40-year-old and he is a doctor of ultrasound diagnostics especially focused in obstetrics and gynecology.
He lives in Arkhangelsk (a big town located in the Northern part of Russia near the White Sea). He is  married and he has 4 children (1 daughter and 3 sons). 

¨The most important thing in my life is to make the other people life better and try to help and support them in difficult situations.  I believe that prenatal medicine is one of the best way to do it¨  

He wants to thanks to his colleagues of TheFetus community for the good advises and help.



Omayyah Sae´ed Dar Odeh
16 solved cases, Jordan


¨I started to work as Ob/ Gyn consultant in 1993 after obtaining the Jordanian Board and higher specialization degree in Ob/Gyn from the university of Jordan, Amman, Jordan . I spent my undergraduate study and residency in the university of Jordan Hospital which is considered the largest university teaching hospital in Jordan. I have been working in my own private practice in Amman for over 25 years, during which I have been to several countries to refine my clinical skills and update my knowledge by attending relevant and evidence - based courses. I am particularly interested in diagnostic techniques like ultrasound and treatment of infertility by IVF.¨

She and her husband (also a Ob/Gyn consultant! ) have 5 children, the youngest still in school and the oldest is a resident in paediatrics.

¨Thank you once again and my greetings to my colleagues all over the world.¨

I met Omayyah the first time in a totally radom way: we were checking in the same hotel and I started chatting with her. On learning she was from Aman, I asked her if she could put me back in contact with an old friend there, and she did ! This year she and her family treated Thao and I to a delicious sets of hummus and Jordanian sweets. How great is that !


Top first time winners - sonographers

Linh Vo
6 solved cases, USA 


Great story : )

¨I was a doctor working in the Imaging Department at Tu Du Hospital in Vietnam. As many other foreign trained doctors immigrating to the US, I hoped I would have a chance to practice my career here. In 2013, while attending a conference of Obstetric Ultrasound in the High Risk in Las Vegas, I met Dr. Jeanty and brought my dream to him for advises. He laid out some crucial perspectives to get through the process of residency program in US. I truly appreciated his advises. Unexpectedly, in 2014, my circumstance changed so much that I gave up my dream and settled down to work as ultrasound tech in an OB/Gy clinic and Breastlink Imaging Center of Radnet California. Everyday, I scanned breasts for patients called back from abnormal mammograms and assisted radiologists to biopsy suspected lesions. One day before this September, during time I consented one very special patient about the process of biopsy procedure, I really admired her optimistic spirit. She shared with me her plan to live a meaning life if whatsoever would happen to her. She told me about her passion and asked mine. At that moment, I found myself still yearning to expand my scope in medical field very much. Then the procedure was done, that patient left without forgetting of wishing me luck and strong. I kept thinking of that lady in several days. Finally, with the support of my husband, I made a decision to quit jobs and would devote my full time to sit on for medical diploma again. So Oklahoma here I am now, I am studying with my friend for exams. Attaching files are my pictures I got in Tulsa in this September and in Las Vegas with my husband and Dr.Philippe four years ago.¨

Indeed I met Linh long ago when she was still at Tu Du hospital, and was surprised to meet her later in Las Vegas. A courageous and driven person. And unfortunately not the only "displaced" person in this list...

Congratulations and best wishes to you!!!!

Shona Whitmell
6 solved cases, USA 




Previous top winners - physicians

Philippe Deblieck
23 solved cases, Germany


¨I sit before the map of the world but not anyone…
The Peters Projection shows the countries in proportion to their relative sizes (the traditional map distorted the world to the advantage of the northern countries and southern areas appeared so small on it ).
In a modern scientific age, the traditional map is no more compatible with objectivity. demonstrates with the same clarity that the knowledge is universal. Many thanks to all of you¨

Well done Philippe, Another year among the top winners, and thanks for your friendship!


Halil Mesut
23 solved cases, Turkey


Halil works in a private hospital as a radiologist in İstanbul. 

¨I started to get interested in fetal ultrasonography in recent years

This is my second year with the and I think it has contributed to my knowledge a lot. I must confess that I was waiting new cases and afterwards the smiling face emoticon with impatience this year  :)¨

He wants to thank to all the friends in “The.Fetus Community” and Dr. Jeanty for his great contributions.



Gulten Rafibeyli 
23 solved cases, Azerbaijan


I'd like to thank you for the best educational wish to be continual.Great thanks that you gave me a chance to be among the winners again.And shortly about myself:I'm Gulten Rafibeyli,39 yo,married,have a son of 11.Now I'm a second year resident of radiology at Azerbaijan Medical University.I was interested in fetal ultrasound after acquaintance with my teacher Azer Ferajov and grateful to him for this.My photo,with P.Jeanty is from his visit to Baku.


Cem Yasar Sanhal
23 solved cases, Turkey

¨It is a great honour for me to be in the winner’s list. I should mention that re-achieving this success also this year after 2016,  gives me an extra happiness and motivation for the future. I hope I would be in the list for the following years. 
2017 was a great year for me regarding the progress in my career status. First of all, I thank my dear wife and family for their endless support because I believe success starts in home. Beside the perfect master-apprentice relationship and invaluable teaching, I further appreciate Prof Inanc Mendilcioglu and Prof Munire Erman for believing in me and my personality. I will try to share my knowlegde with my young colleagues in order to follow the steps of my masters, anywhere I work.    
Of course, so many thanks to Phillippe Jeanty, Moshe Bronshtein, Frantisek Grochal and Federico Badano, for the time spent in educational activities and sharing priceless experiences. Be sure, you (PJ, MB, FG, FB) all are the idols of many young Turkish doctors.¨

Moshe Bronshtein and Cem



Koroush Shahsavan
23 solved cases, Iran


¨Fist, I would like to thank  professor Jeanty, professor Bronstein and Federico Badano  for their  tremendous effort.
I am not sure but I think that this was the  last COW for me. I am involved in my new activity – horse science and race horses.
You see my favorite horse – California chrome – very famous racehorse that many of you may know him.¨


Andrei Telitchenko
23 solved cases, Ukraine


Andrei works as a medical chief at the East-Ukrainian Center of Medical Genetics and Prenatal Diagnosis (Mariupol). 

¨New place but old duties¨ he said : )


Javier Cortejoso
22 solved cases, Spain


"People only see what they are prepared to see." Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American writer, philosopher and poet of the 19th century, affirmed this long before the scientific advances of the last century. has made a very good choice by selecting this quote.

Your web page shows us many findings and pathology that we did not even know, some of which are not described in the best books of obstetric ultrasound. I see that for many of the winners of the case of the week browsing is one of their favourite hobbies, also for me. Thanks to all who make it possible.¨

Congratulations Javier!!!!


Andrew Averyanov 
22 solved cases, Ukraine


Since 2007 Andrew is completely plunged into 
the diagnosis of congenital and hereditary diseases, when he began to work at the East-Ukrainian Specialized Center for Medical Genetics and Prenatal Diagnosis as a radiologist. 

He likes listening to classical music and he is interested in the history of religion and philosophy. His dream is to travel more and learn the multiculturalism of the world.



Igor Yarchuk 
21 solved cases, Ukraine


Igor has 49-year-old. Since 1998, he performs echocardiography in adults. The last five years he was trying to master prenatal diagnostics in Odessa regional genetic center.
¨I like to be useful for colleagues and patients to solve complex diagnostic cases. In my spare time I like to read books, go fishing, ride a bicycle. I have wonderful daughter, who will graduate Medical University next year¨



Alexandra Piganova 
21 solved cases, Ukraine

¨My heartfelt congratulations to all the winners this year!
I sincerely thank Philippe and his colleagues for a unique opportunity to learn and to communicate with colleagues through the and TheFetus Community. I wish you health, happiness and success!¨

The tumultous years that Ukraine went through caused a lot of problems and Alexandra had a difficult time moving her family and adapting to Germany. Last year she passed all the necessary language and medical exams and obtained the medical degree in Germany, and now she is looking for a place as radiologist. I
 will be happy to write a letter of recommendation to her!


Olga N. Ivanitskaya
21 solved cases, Russia


Olga is among the winners again!

She is still working in Moscow Regional Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology with her colleagues and teachers Elena Andreeva and Natalia Odegova.

Good job!....and say hello to your chinchillas!


Tibor Kovacs
21 solved cases, Romania


Tibor likes quotes very much! He sent this ones the last year

- If you don't know what the image shows you should think:
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”  Albert Einstein
-If you know how little you know about the organ or part of body that appears in the image, then you need to learn more about this chapter:
To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.”  Confucius
-If you want to understand the malformation you must know embriology:
“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” Albert Einstein


Lusine Karapetyan
21 solved cases, Russia

¨I am working in Moscow city, city clinical hospital named after E.O.Muhin, perinatal center. 
TheF is an inspiration for me not just   as knowledge source but also for finding new , interesting cases in my practice !!!
Thank you Fede , Philippe and Franti  .. Special thanks to  Moshe Bronstein for his brilliant cases and comments !!!¨

Lusine has also kindly provided me innumerable cases for my lectures. It is a pleasure to see her enthusiasm !


Alexander Krasnov
21 solved cases, Ukraine



Annette Reuss
21 solved cases, Germany

¨Life has been good last year, not much of a change. Same story lots of work, keeping up with new developments and techniques, still curious and still happy to find my way through all the fetuses.¨

¨Your website and case of the week is still my passion, please go on this way.You are doing a fantastic piece of work and education!¨

Thank you Annette!!!!



Nikolay Pretrovich Veropotvelyan
21 solved cases, Ukraine

Nickolay is the Director of the Multiregional Medical Genetics and Prenatal Diagnostics centre ( Kryvyi Rih,Ukraine) and Vice-President of the Perinatal Medicine Ukrainian Association;
He was included in "Top-100 in Medicine", according the Ukraine National ranking of the  doctors of different specializations.
He is interested in genetics, maternal-fetal and reproductive medicine, especially in ultrasound and interventional prenatal diagnostics and Fetal therapy and surgery. He is married and has two nice sons.


Christa Faschingbauer
20 solved cases, Germany


Christa is among the winners again. Remarkably she has been top winner every SINGLE year since she joined the web site in 2004! 

She has definitely the highest total number of cases solved in the history of the website!!! 

This is an amazing dedication that testifies of her determination and skills.


Azer Farajoj
20 solved cases, Azerbaijan


As you have seen above Azer has been instrumental in teaching many young Azerbajani physicians and they form a very nice group. Azer has been a very active participant in Community, providing many interesting cases and opinons.

He also kindly showed me the famous mud volcanoes in Gobustan !


Previous top winners - sonographers

Dianna Heidinger
19 solved cases, USA


Dianna is a long time solver (all the way to 1999!!!), and a top winner again! What an endurance!

She is still a perinatal sonographer and a hard worker. 


Elizabeth Darnell
14 solved cases, USA


Elizabeth works in Kalispell, MT where her career focus has changed from predominantly leadership duties to hands on "in the trenches" perinatal scanning.  Montana Perinatal serves patient populations from surrounding areas and stays very busy.  Elizabeth especially enjoys scanning fetal hearts and unravelling complications that arise in cardiac formation.  Originally from NW (rainy) Oregon, she is getting used to snowier climes.


Anette Beverdam
13 solved cases, Netherlands

Anette is among the winners one more year.
This time she wants to dedicated this mention to her 
 beloved daughter (in law) and the mother of her beloved grandchild:

¨Dear Sharon, I hope you'll be the great winner of next year!!!  Love, mum¨

Padmanaban Koochu Govindaraju
13 solved cases, India

¨My name is Padman. I'm a Sonographer working in Chelsea & Westminster NHS Hospital, London.  I'm very interested in solving the Sonoworld and cases and learn new things from this website.¨

He is very grateful to Raju Venkatraman, MD and all Radiologists at Medall Healthcare, Chennai, South India who taught him ultrasound. 


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