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2018-01-19  Congenital megaureter  © Yousra Krimou

Congenital megaureter
Yousra Krimou, MD, Saoud Karam, MD, Ahmed Guennoun, MD, Nisrine Mamouni, MD, Sanaa Errarhay, MD, Chahrazed Bouchikhi, MD, Abdelaziz Banani, MD. 
Obstetrics and Gynecology I – HASSAN II University Hospital- Fez Maroc

Case report

 A 32-year-old patient with no significant history, (G3P2), was sent to our unit at 36 weeks of pregnancy to routine exam. 

Our sonographic examination revealed an unilateral dilated and tortuous ureter. The dilated pelvis measured 18mm, homolateral calyx cavities weren’t distended.
Kidneys parenchyma was not atrophic and the bowel wall neither was thin nor dilated eliminating a cervico-urethral obstacle. The morphological examination was normal.

Non-refluxing unobstructed primary mega ureter was suspected and confirmed after birth.

Images 1 and 2
: showing the dilated ureter with a normal bowel.


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